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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dragon's Curse by H.L.Burke #bookreview

I've had this book for several months, like most of the books I buy it takes me a while before I have the chance to read. This one I read during my last road trip. It was worth the wait.

Book Review:

Dragon’s Curse was the first H.L. Burke book I’ve read and I loved it. It made a long boring trip exciting and I hung on each word. Shannon is a female scholar and alchemist who meets a dragon, quickly a relationship forms between them. She is intrigued by his intelligence. There’s something about him that’s different, he’s not an ordinary dragon. Shannon being a scholar doesn’t have to live by the same female rules as other women, she can choose her mate.
Sir Roderick claims to have killed many dragons and works to capture Shannon’s heart but she has no interest. Adona is an evil woman who pretends to be friends but Shannon see’s through her guise. She is a vein woman who seeks power. I can’t give away anymore. No spoilers here.

Burke crafts three dimensional characters through words on paper, and the story flows at a steady pace. I enjoyed the old world feel and the plot twists along the way. This is an exciting story that is safe for young adults yet bound to be enjoyed by adults who love fantasy as well.

Loved the entire story!


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