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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The audio is here!

Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy audio is available now. 

Amazon/ Audible - #FREE with Audible trial

Listening to this book was an absolute treat, it was like a brand new story. I imagine when an authors book goes to big screen they feel the same way. Her voice adds another dimension to the characters and the story. It is the first of my books in audio. Take a moment to listen to the sample by clicking either link above. 

A note to readers, even if you've read the book the audio is entirely different. I've never been a huge audiobook reader but after listening to Eye of the Storm and with all the travelling I've been doing audio has really grown on me and I love it!

It's perfect for travelers, put your earbuds in and fall into a fictional world. Busy parent's who don't have time to actually sit down and read, hit play and chase after children, clean the house, or work from home while listening to the book. Audio is also perfect for those with poor eyesight who desire to read but struggle with tiny print words.

A note to authors, why haven't you put your book in audio yet? I've had a few authors ask me about the process, finding a narrator, and sales. If you've been thinking about, here are my answers. 

1 and 2.The process is easy through ACX. You post your work and wait for narrators to audition or you can listen to various samples find a narrator then ask them to audition. After a deal is made you and the producer/ narrator discuss the progress until the book is complete. If you're an indie author its a little different as you don't choose the price. 

3. So far, so good. The book has been making steady sales but as it's very new 12/18 I haven't received a royalty check yet so I have no idea what I'm making off each purchase and assume that amount changes depending on whether its an audible customer using credits, not using credits or a customer who isn't with audible such as someone who purchases the book through iTunes.

If your an author and reader and have questions I didn't answer, please send an email.

Enjoy the story and Happy Holidays!

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