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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Speaking Emotions by Terra James Book Review

This book is so powerful I'm not sure my review gives it justice, It's one of those books that is so amazing it needs to be read over and over.

My review:

Speaking Emotions is a powerful book. It’s about the author and her daughter’s journey with autism. I have worked with autistic children in my career as a teacher and empathize wholeheartedly. These children communicate with the world differently whether verbal or nonverbal. Their world is different than everyone else’s.

The book is written as a journal with entries and poems for each day. The naked emotion is riveting and sucked me in. It’s a short book and I read it a couple times because it was so compelling. I felt like I was living in her world. Excellent! Loved it!

The proceeds of this amazing book go to Terra's daughter to help with expenses. 

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