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Friday, June 16, 2017

Matanzas Moon by Elizabeth Raven

One of my top reads this year!

My Review:

Loved it! Where do I start? Each page is filled with mystery, suspense and a growing romance that has it's up and downs. Bridget moved to St. Augustine when she didn't get into Vet School and after suffering vivid dreams about the animals she helped at the vet clinic she worked in. In the historic streets of St. Augustine she opens a mystic shop called Lunatique. I live close to the city and spend as much time there as possible and her shop is perfect for this city. It's shrouded in mystery, pirates and ghosts. The author couldn't have chosen a better location for this story and for locals it's perfection.

Bridget meets Nick when a brawl erupts in a local bar. Nick is the police officer to the rescue and Bridget literally runs into him trying to escape the bar. A night or so later a mysterious woman visits Lunatique, crying and upset, Bridget tries to calm her and sends her home with a bag of goods to vanquish her misery and refresh her life. Not long after Bridget is awoke by a girl running down the street, her clothes tattered and in tears Bridget lets her in Lunatique and the police are called. Nick shows up and they find the goods sent home with the mysterious women are found at the crime scene where the girl was attacked. So how are the incidents related? It gets better when Bridget realizes she's clairvoyant and sees ghosts. Somehow the attacks are related to an unsettled spirit.

Nick and Bridget didn't start out on the right foot and every step forward ends with two steps backwards. To make their relationship even more complicated Bridget makes friends with RIP, a local ghost tour guide. He's outgoing and charming. Nick is the protective, brooding type and RIP causes ripples in their developing relationship.

The story moves easily and flawlessly from one scene to the next and the mystery is cleverly woven into the story with a few plot twists that took me by surprise. I've been to all the locations mentioned in the book and easily imagined all this happening. Elizabeth Raven didn't leave anything out when describing the city and it's hot spots.

Amazing story!


This is a goodie I brought home from Space Coast Book Lovers in 
Cocoa Beach,Florida.

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