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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Addison Kline author of Black Horse

I wholeheartedly believe in authors supporting authors and recently I was given an opportunity or rather I took the opportunity to sign up for Addison Kline's street team. One of the perks is I was given the opportunity to read Black Horse part 1 in the Breaking Black series. Book 2 will be released soon and she's having a release party on Facebook August 16th. It's public. Onto the meat of my post.


Addison Kline’s Black Horse the first book in the Breaking Black series  was an entertaining and enjoyable read. Averi’s parent’s and an elder brother were killed when she was a child by an evil man who happens to be the biological father of her best friend/boyfriend Colt. Her two living brothers have a difficult time swallowing the relationship between their sister and Colt, son of the vile Black Horse himself. Although Colt is nothing like his father. He’s kind, protective and extremely gorgeous in what seemed to me a rugged sort of fashion. The plot thickens as Black horse is released from prison and out for Averi which brings her brothers and Colt together to fight for her safety. 

The backdrop for the story is Texas and fittingly so as guns, action, and good old fashioned male hormones line the pages. Kline does an excellent job painting the scenery and setting the mood for a story that puts the reader in the midst of everything and turning page after page. I read the book in an entire sitting! The suspense builds quickly leading to a heated climax and a surprise ending.

For a reader who like a romance with a little extra bang, then this is the book.

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