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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Couple by Candi Silk a deliciously sensual read!

On today's book menu is an erotica novel that is both passionate and fun. I read the entire novel in one sitting! Yes, it was that good. I love Cand's style and the character's she created. They have a lot of naughty fun in Hot Couple.


Hot Couple by Candi Silk was a wonderfully playful read. An attractive 30ish couple, Drew and Nicole, who spent their years developing and growing their professions neglected their sex life. Not uncommon in today’s world. The successful couple, still in love, decided to spice up their relationship a tad watching some kinky X-rated movies. The movie watching led to an idea of joining in with another couple for real. A successful, attractive younger couple, Michelle and Jess, had recently moved into their neighborhood.  Drew and Nicole agree on asking the younger couple if they’d be interested in swapping spouses.  That is where the fun starts!

The plot in Hot Couple is simple and the story has an easy flow, making it a quick, enjoyable read. Candi’s style of writing is descriptive and detailed but not vulgar. I add that because sometimes erotica can get tastelessly naughty. The character’s in Hot Couple get naughty in a fun, agreeable and light hearted fashion. There is a good mix between dialogue, word choice, kinky scenes and characterization to develop the story and personalities. Drew, Nicole, Jess and Michelle are  all intelligent, professional adults participating in explicit and consensual sexual acts. I fell in love in them.

Hot couple is a sweltering hot read that tickles the sexual desires of its readers leaving them ready for more. Within the pages I could feel the passion through each character. They take it slow and sensual, building the suspense for the final climax or two. This novel is tastefully written while effervescent and lively.

A fantastically fun read!

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