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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Breathtaking Place to Visit

I love beach and tropical waters that are clear I can see the fish swimming below the surface. This love has driven me towards visiting the Carribean. The island I want to showcase today is Puerto Rico.

I first visited a few years ago and was overwhelmed with the islands beauty. Everywhere I looked was portraits of lush vegetation scattered with colorful tropical flowers. The island straddles both the Atlantic and the Carribean. I visited the rain forest and traveled to the top, ogled it's many waterfalls, and admired it's myriad of vegetation and life. I traveled through the mangroves to a lake and touched awed over it's water that glows on a gentle touch from the bioluminescent organisms that live in it's water. I have seen much of the east side of the island from San Juan to Fajardo. My next visit I hope to see the west side of the island. Every nook and beach I found to be unique; a special treasure with it's own beauty. 

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