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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Funday: Summer's Last Hoorah!

Here it is July 29th and my summer, freedom and writing time are drawing to a close. A summer isn't summer without spending time at the beach. After all I live in Florida. My daughter, best friend and myself headed out to Jax and Neptune beaches for some fun in the sun.

Umbrella $15, Lunch at The Flying Iguana $20 a day at the beach with two of the people I love most in the world- priceless!

The close to 85 degree Atlantic water felt awesome against the blistering 100 degree sun. North Florida beaches aren't the most scenic but they are the closest to me and generally have calm warm waters, notice the straight coastline in the pics. Not too many surfers head this way, most go further south. 

It was a day of fun and relaxation for us. The lifeguards seemed to be having a lot of fun as well. They were having such a good time when we left we all had the same thought on our minds...I wonder what it takes to be a lifeguard? I know I would never qualify as I'm only an OK swimmer. 

A few families and friends dotted the sands, bicyclers rode by along with people just taking a mid day stroll. Every so often the clouds would cover the sun and a breeze washed over us. It was a fantastic day!
            The Boardwalk. It's in back of the hotel behind the bushes.

Myself, my daughter, and still in the womb granddaughter.


I leave you with songs that mean summer to me

Bryan Adams- Summer of '69

Beach Boys- Good Vibrations

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