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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Murder In D Minor by Diane Bixler

I absolutely loved this book! Diane Bixler really did an awesome job I couldn't put the book down. The backdrop for this novella is St. Augustine Florida which is very close to where I live. It's my favorite city in all of Florida so that naturally intrigued me. Her writing style is also very enjoyable. If there was such a thing as 6 star reviews I would have given this book one.


Murder in D Minor by Diane Bixler is an awesome murder/ mystery novella. I couldn’t put it down. It reminded me of a Murder She Wrote episode or a game of Clue where all the little details come together at the end. Cary and her brother Thomas are at a Halloween party when  a man is murdered. Johnathan the victim is the conductor of the college (Flagler College) orchestra, which Cary plays for. She is also a teacher at the college. Cary’s brother Thomas is a police officer and he begins investigating the murder while Cary and best friend Katelynn involve themselves in their own sleuthing, picking up small clues here and there.

There was so much in this story that intrigued me. The story is set in St. Augustine, Florida only a short drive from where I live and I could personally relate to all the landmarks she mentions in the story. I also love the way she gives the reader only enough leads to not spoil the surprise but keeps the reader engaged. Her pacing was impeccable as well as her character building. She used a perfect mix of dialogue and description to set the ambience of the story. I also have to say I loved the musical twist she added.

A wonderfully clever read!

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