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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random is My Middle Name

I was just settling down to work on some edits and decided to blog instead. There is no theme here just the rantings of an author.

Welcome to all new followers! I tend to be a spur-of-the-moment kind of person so this blog tends to be random. I post book reviews (both ones for my books and quality books that I read and review), blog tours, excerpts and material from my own books, and whatever I feel like for the day. This post is one of the latter.

I've been back at work for three weeks now and the 9-5ness of it all still hasn't settled in. I wake up at 5:30 and don't go to sleep until long after sundown; usually about midnight! I'm 3 episodes behind on True Blood. To me that's a travesty. :-(

Cute story from work. As many of you already know I work with junior high students. Today was picture day and most looked really nice even the T-shirted ones wore fresh, clean T-shirts. A young man wore a T-shirt that said Throwback Thursday and had a picture of a  VHS tape across his chest. It tickled me because I don't think VHS have been sold in stores since he was born 13, 14 years ago. I'm not sure he even knows what one is! Nonetheless it was a cute shirt.

In the world of reviews this week. A couple 5 star reviews for As Snow Falls.

Beyond all else it begs the question, “Until we can each get along and perfect our families how can there possibly be hope for the world?” Its message will stay with me for a long time, a book I’ll never forget. Read the rest here.

Marcha Fox Author of Star Trails Teralogy

As the woman recalls realizing the evils of life and then the beauties of life, the puzzle pieces come together into a magnificent picture that won't soon be forgotten. Read the rest here.

Emily at Goodreads

Baby Girl Book 1
A powerful and emotionally charged short story about a girl named Cleo. It is superbly written to offer the perfect balance of ‘show not tell.’ Read the rest here.

Sarah Butfield at Goodreads

Great start to the story. A quick read that grabs you and makes you stay till the end. Read here.

Princess Angela at Amazon

September 1st Cleo goes on tour again for Baby Girl Book 3. Hosted by Double Decker Books. There will be music, a character interview, new reviews, and a giveaway that includes copies of the book and a Starbucks gift card!

Many thanks to everyone's continued support!

In honor of Throwback Thursday...

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