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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take a Ride Through the Heavens with Marcha Fox

Who doesn't like Astrology? really? Most people are at least slightly intrigued even if they won't admit it. The following book is authored by someone who has become a good friend and great supporter to me. I absolutely love her YA fiction series Star Trails Tetralogy. Honestly, I was just as intrigued with her non fiction book Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology. I've heard many times over that astrology isn't real science. Well, those people haven't read Marcha's book. She uses her science degree and knowledge to put astrology into scientific terms that are entertaining and easy to read.



Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology by Marcha Fox is an amusing guide to astrology. I laughed when I read my sign, Sagittarius, as so much of what Marcha says is true such as single subjects not holding our attention, bingo! A bulls eye on our attitude as well. She includes sun signs, moon signs. Again, I was enthralled with her pinpointing Sagittarius. I know that one the best. She includes the planets and their peculiarities  and how they interact with the signs. I found Venus 9th house to be very specific to me as a person. 

This book is a great reference for anyone wanting to learn about astrology or someone who seeks to understand it. She uses plenty of charts and easy to understand language to bring it to a level that can be understood. She also throws her wit and charm into it making for an entertaining read. 

Informative and interesting.

Where to find Marcha and her books
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