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Friday, March 4, 2016

Ghost Files by April Baker Audiobook Review

If you love paranormal and ghosts this is one to check out. Again, the ebook is free and only 1.99 to Whispersync it. A great deal for an amazing read!

My Review:

I love ghost stories, really anything suspenseful and creepy. This book fit. Mattie see's ghosts but she doesn't want to. She does her best to ignore them until she's put into a situation where she needs them.

Mattie's mother tried to kill her when she was a baby then she died. So Mattie has been passed through the foster care system from one horrible home to another. She finally is placed with a couple who care. She gets meals daily, Mrs. O is there for her when she has problems. Everything is good, until a ghost shows up that changes everything.

The suspense level in the book is off the charts and it's descriptive yet on level for young adults. Excellent Book!

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