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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shakuita Johnson Blood of the Ancient Gods

The beginning of an exciting new trilogy Blood of the Ancient Gods. The first book The Beginning is available now!


A war is brewing…which side will you end up on? 

Prayers are no longer sustaining their life and they’ve been issued a challenge. In an effort to survive, the gods and goddesses of Domus have banned together to create the ultimate hybrids with their blood. Loki has been tasked with finding the perfect three humans to sacrifice, with the help of Eris, to their cause. 
Hecate, Fenrir, and Oberon will be the conduits of power so the human vessels can forever be changed. They will then have their own personal armies of fighters and worshippers to help restore the god powers they’re slowly losing. Once the three distinct hybrid protégés are converted, it’s up to them to give the gift to other humans to build up their species. 
With war on the horizon and not much time before the first battle, the Blood of the Ancient Gods must succeed in producing the ultimate supernatural killers with the ability to properly lead their races. And all before Thanatos and his daughter Psyche figure out what the other gods are planning. 
**NOTE: This is the prequel short story to the beginning of the trilogy Blood of the Ancients Gods, which will consist of Blood of the Sacrificed, Blood of the Forgotten, and Blood of the Stolen
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