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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sparks and Flames by CS Patra Audiobook Review

Great Read!

The setting is in the future. The world has changed dramatically and a new structure and society has formed. The wealthy live in the hills, amongst them are elementals – people who have abilities to wield Earth’s elements. The most feared of the elementals are those who wield fire. Below the hills live the poor humans who have no power over the elements. There is a group who live in this area called the Velt who hunt and slay the fire starters.

Kian is a hunter and Rukia is a fire starter but they don’t know this about each other. Their friendship blossoms into a romance. The story between them is sweet. It’s not so much a cautionary tale as being able to look past our differences to see our likenesses. I enjoyed the story and listening to the innocent love develop between these characters.

The narrator Jonathon Johns did a great job. Each character had their own voice, his pace was steady with the story.

Great story!


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