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Monday, August 22, 2016

Lady's Slipper by Alison Gray Audiobook Review

Lady's Slipper is one of the best mystery books I've listened to or read this year!

My Review:
What a fantastic mystery! This book kept me on the edge. Abby is a single mom and investigator who is given the case. Kathy Walker’s murderer is about to be released from prison and she’s re-investigating. There’s nonstop action and intrigue as she talks with those connected in any way with the crime. Kathy Watson’s daughter Caleigh is now an adult but as a two year old she was present when her mother was murdered. She struggles throughout the story to remember.

The story is British and I enjoyed the various differences in terminology in the English language as opposed to the U.S. version. At times it was a puzzle in itself to figure out the meaning of the word. No need to worry plenty of context clues. The narrator Carrie Goodwiler performance was top notch. She did various accents depending on the character and where they were from as well as adding a nasally touch when a character fell ill with a cold. She went the extra mile to make this already fabulous story even better.

A plus mystery!


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