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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Last Omen by Steve Nedelton

OMG! The narrator, Adam Hanin, was AMAZING!

Book Review:

I love spooky stuff so it surprises me that I didn’t read this sooner. In this case I listened to it. At first the reader is introduced to Mr. Adam’s a thriller novelist who inherited a nice fortune from his uncle. He notices strange occurrences such as the teller at the bank going freaky on him and strange creaks and noises coming from his attic. Then we’re introduced to a Norwegian ex-soldier who comes to America. For the record I couldn’t stand his wife and wished through the entire story that somebody would put her out of her misery. The two characters don’t seem to have anything in common but of course knowing they do I continued reading.

On a fear/suspense level I’d give this book a three only because the pace slowed at times it should have sped up. Overall it was an entertaining read and I’m glad I finally took the time to read/listen to it. The plot and characters are well developed and there are many interesting turns of event. It’s a clever novel.

Reading the book I would have enjoyed it but so glad I listened. The narrator Adam Hanin is amazing. If I could give him 6 stars I would. His voices and the way he managed accents and noises, strange speeches gave this book an extraordinary touch!


Curious I upgraded the kindle to audio and found there are two authors attached to the books. LT Reece is attached to the kindle and Steve Nedelton is attached to the paperback and audio. I doubled checked thinking I had the right book name and wrong author but I don't. Obviously a pen name but why they don't all have the same pen name is haven't a clue.

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