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Monday, August 8, 2016

Weaving the Web: A Cold Hollow Mystery Volume 2 by Emilie J. Howard Audiobook Review

Intriguing and unique story!

My Review:
Most residents of the town are ex-cons. When they’re paroled the state sends them. They are given jobs, a place to live and bank information to start their lives fresh. A town made up of criminals doesn’t seem like a real safe place and it isn’t. One of them has a penchant for wrapping women in silk thread much like a spider and killing them.
Overall this was an interesting story with a unique setting. The plot gets deeper and twists unexpectantly as the story proceeds. The characters are well developed and the story follows a steady pace. It’s not a horror story and isn’t too suspenseful but has a certain quality about it that I enjoyed. Probably the mystery. I love to piece things together in my head.
The narrator J. Scott Bennett does a fair narration giving character to the many personalities in the story.


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