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Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews the movie

If you've been following my blog for while, you know My Sweet Audrina is one of my all time favorite books. I was highly disappointed in the movie.

My thoughts:

I first have to say this is one of my favorite books. I've read the story several times and listened to the audio a couple so I had to watch the movie. For me, knowing the book so well the movie is seriously lacking. They chose a few scenes from the book and stuck them together into what they call a movie. The book is so long it could be a mini-series. I'm more than disappointed. I'm horrified with everything they left out.

Audrina is a sad, confused and timid little girl into a young lady who gains backbone through the horrors her family exposes her to and eventually owns her sexuality which is the general idea through the whole story. Piece by piece things are revealed. The movie flies through everything, leaving out vital information and even killing Audrina's baby sister who is born with disabilities but not as slow as everyone thinks. I was flabbergasted they cut her part out completely.

If all you do is watch the movie you'll never know just how wonderful this story is. My advice, read the book.

Link to the book

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