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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wicker's Bog by Mike Duran

This is another I listened to on my Tampa trip, on the way home. Loved it!

I loved this story and have already listened to it a second time since buying it. The story is set in the south. I loved the speech patterns and sayings that are very distinct and gave so much character to the story.

The story begins with Julene wandering into Wicker's Bog when she hears a beautiful voice singing. She finds there the dead body of a young woman who disappeared some time ago. I won't give anymore because the story is short and I hate to give anything away.

Set in the deep south the descriptions of the area and Wicker's Bog remind me of almost any swampy area. There are so many hidden areas that could be such a place. There's a story behind the bog. In this one a plantation house was swallowed by water. The curious characters who lived there died when the water so quickly overtook the place and the lady of the house is said to remain there.

The authentic descriptions and colorful language really make the story. The sound quality in parts wasn't great but the narrator was fabulous! At some point I'll be listening to this again a third time and probably more!

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