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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tampa and Beyond

This month I went to Tampa, FL for the Indie Author Book Convention. It was great! I met new readers and reunited with a few I've met in the past and met authors new to me. I also got to hang out for the day in the elaborate Chic Venue.

Here I am!!                                     My table filled with books.

                           The VIP room for the after party.

As you know I love the beach so of course I couldn't stay that close to it without making at least one or a several stops. Here are a few.

                       Tarpon Springs (not the best quality, sorry 😣 )

                            Sand Key

Clearwater beach. If you look close you'll see the rainbow above the boat.

                                         Saint Pete   

And since I was in no hurry I took the long, long way home through central Florida. It's pretty amazing I've lived here twenty years and never knew these tiny little towns existed. Remember I did this while listening to gothic horror stories so my imagination ran pretty wild. 

A mountain in Florida. If you look into the distance you can see it!

I made a couple stops. this is the first town. I was leery about making it out alive, but I had to stop and use wifi to download another book. Maybe the strange glances were my out of state plates on the rental car. Either way it'll be a future story.

There was also a lot of nothing for miles and miles.

The best thing is I'd do it again but first I have to stock up on more horror audiobooks!

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