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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stirrings in the Black House by Ambrose Ibsen

I listened to this one on my way to Tampa and it kept me entertained the entire way. The book is longer than the drive so I was discouraged when I had to stop listening momentarily.

This story is filled with horror, mystery, suspense and some creepy ghosts and a good bit of gore. Emil a concert pianist who lost what he had due to drug abuse inherits a huge house in a small town in Oregon. It's in the outskirts of town surrounded by nothing and has a history. Several people were murdered in the house. He doesn't know this upon inheriting it. It's talking with a local girl that he learns and she tells him of a book written about the gory murders.

The author does a fantastic job building the characters, giving them shape, form and depth. He also builds suspense, increasing one step at a time until hitting full blast with a toe-curling climax. I clung to each word and really didn't want it to end. I think that's my only complaint was the ending left me in a "that's it!". It seemed unfinished but otherwise an excellent story I'll listen to I'm sure again.

The narrator used great pacing adding to the excitement of the story, building as the author built. Great job and very clear sound quality.


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