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Saturday, November 30, 2013


St.Louis meets San Francisco at Candlestick

The game that got me hooked on football was back in 1984 when the Raiders battled the Redskins for a Superbowl win. It wasn't much of a battle really, final score 38-9 Raiders. After that I was hooked and fell in love with the San Francisco team the following year.

In 1985 49ers met the Dolphins in the Superbowl with a 38-16 victory, Montana was named MVP. Their Superbowl victories didn't start or stop there. In 1982 they had beat the Bengals with a 26-21 victory, Montana's first Superbowl MVP. Fast forwarding past 85' in 1989 they met Bengals again with a 16-20 win and a new MVP Jerry Rice. In 1990 for a back to back Superbowl they met Denver for a slaughter, 55-10, not much nail biting suspense in that game although Montana received his 3rd Superbowl MVP. History was made as San Fran had broken five records, if my memory serves me correctly. The winning continued and in 1995 49ers met San Diego for yet another victory with a final score of 26-49 and a new MVP Steve Young. The legacy halted there as the team struggled to rebuild and become a power house again. In 2013 49ers were back on top but were unable to get another Superbowl win against Ravens, final score 34-31. As a fan I would have liked to see another victory but was happy enough that the team managed to get there after 18 years of waiting.

During San Francisco's dry years they did have sporadic playoff appearances but were always met with defeat. They also went through many coaching trials and tribulations. I certainly can't remember the string of names but a couple names stand out, Mariucci and Singletary, that could be because they held the position longer than most or because they accomplished more than the others.

The dark years seem to be a thing of the past as present coach Harbaugh is doing an excellent job and the team has really come together. This Sunday Crabtree will be back. With all their weapons in place St. Louis doesn't stand a chance.

Final score 23-13. I saw Vernon Davis make his 50th TD, an interception from the 9ers, a 49er hurdle a Ram, and enjoy the game surrounded by an ocean of red. One of the reason's I love the team so much is the fans. They are fun loving and faithful. Yesterday's game was one of Candlesticks last. It's sad as the park has seen many great players and has been home to the most awesome NFL team. Love Candlestick and love the 49ers.

Did I mention the weather was perfect?

I cross checked my own memory with nfl.com

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