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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Travel: Coast to Coast Ramblings

On this wonderful yet chilly Thanksgiving day I am sitting at JIA waiting to embark on my journey from Jacksonville, FL to San Francisco, CA.

My family no doubt is gathered at my sister and brother-law's house partaking in delicious food activities.

Others including my closest friends are gathered in front of their TV's watching the Green Bay/ Detroit game. I am rooting for GB as one of my closest friends is a die hard fan. Hours later...Green Bay was slaughtered.

Pulling into Dulles Airport I spotted a silver car pulled over on the freeway, I thought "Really, I hope he did something really bad to get ticketed on Thanksgiving."

I have to send huge praises for Android Kindle App it even works in airplane mode.

As I exited the mini plane, three seats to a row with the aisle in between I was amused when we exited to the ground. In an effort not too sound naive; I have flown my entire life, before I was even old enough to develop memories, and I have never exited ground level with the exception of Hawaii.

My flight to SFO was more pleasant. I had my own movie screen and free headphones. I remember the days when they showed one movie on a long flight but you had to pay for the headphones. Guess that's a thing of the past. I was also lucky enough that the seat next to me was empty, so I took advantage.

I missed all the games and my family but hear Thanksgiving went well. To all Americans, my friends, my parents, my sisters, my children, and grandchildren love you all! Happy Thanksgiving.

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