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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Never Boring

Pier 39

My day started with breakfast at IHOP, pancakes and eggs, delicious. After I ventured to Pier 39 where being different is normal and it's never boring.

My first order of business was to do a little shopping, until much later did I realize it's black Friday. The pier was packed with shoppers and visitors. For the first time in over a decade I shopped during my most hated shopping day of the year. I did manage to find ideal gifts to bring home. I also got some great pictures of the pier, the sea lions and the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges, and Lombard St.

Something I've always wanted to do was to ride the cable car and so today I did; from Embarcadero to Market St. and back to Embarcadero.  During my excursion 
I saw a man dressed in drag, red painted nails, pink cell phone, womens clothing and shoes with a full beard and mustache. During the Market St. turn around I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a man sunning himself in a chair beside the road. A man sat in front of me with the largest afro I've ever witnessed in person. I estimate it was at least a full three inches around the circumference of his head. All this awesome entertainment for two dollars! I love this city, people are who they are and that is what I find most fascinating.I went the entire length of the F car and got off at Jones, took a short walk to Buena  Vista but it was wall to wall packed so I left.

I backtracked and found a cool bar named Jacks and met other 49er fans, duh I'm in S.F. right, but like me they were from out of town. They were way cool and bought me a couple birthday drinks. I tried a local beer called Anchor Beer and I was pleasantly surprised, not a beer drinker this was a big step for me. Anchor's Brown Breckels (not sure about the spelling) was dark, sweet, and almost fruity.

I walked back to the pier after and had a delicious sourdough sandwich, pesto roast beef, at Boudin's. San Francisco is famous for it's delicious sourdough and it can be found anywhere in the city, really it's a must for visitors.

While waiting for the van to pick me up I saw one more crazy sight. A caravan of bikers ( as in bicycle) rode past the pier on Embarcadero; some in full nude ( ( like not a stitch of clothing) escorted by motorcycle police.

All in all a fantasticly normal, exciting day in the world's, or at least North America's, most captivating little city. San Francisco has a style all it's own.

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