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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jeniann Bowers, a Poetess

I am more than pleased to introduce Jeniann Bowers a Poetess today. I recently read Phraseology and Letters, a very moving book of love poetry. Below is my review and
an interview with her. Since I originally posted this I have read more of Jeniann's work and I have to admit I'm in love with all of it. She has a rare ability to bring my emotions to the forefront with her beautiful and honest words so I'm adding my other reviews of her works.

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Poems, Dreams, and More by Jeniann Bowers is both touching and playful. Her words place impressions within my mind, and the ability to provoke emotions inside me which is exactly what poetry should do. She may start a poem out dark, but somehow turns it around to light. The poetry section, are random poems ranging from her family and love to ideals that have meaning to her. The dreams section is mostly about infatuation and being in love; the giddiness one feels as well as the self doubt. The final section, and more, is about life, her random thoughts that she expresses in the form of poetry.

What I loved most about this book is the honesty, and feeling I was left with after reading. It’s not one poem in genera, but all of them combined that had me relating her poetry to my own life, filling me with emotions. I have now read all Jeniann’s poetry books and I’m always left sentimental and reminiscent of my own fond memories. Her style is both charming and genuine in the way she manipulates words bringing them to life.  I fell in love with her poetry when I read Phraseology and Letters, since I have read them all and enjoy her poems and more and more each time I read them. 

A remarkable author and read!

Phraseology and Letters by Jeniann Bowers is written in a form of poetry called phraseology. A poem is much like a glimpse of a story in this book the story is love. It is amazing how in just a few words she can evoke an image within the mind provoking memories, images and emotions within the reader causing one to hang on to every written word as she bares her soul although not alone as we have all felt the overwhelming emotion of love. The theme is not only of love but not giving up hope. Love takes on many forms whether it be a best and most gracious friend, a family member or a lover.

Jenniann's Poems catch and embrace the essence of love, how it weighs on our hearts. She leaves no elements out,whether it be a fresh new, exciting love where the butterflies well up inside and the loves image renders itself inside our minds and hearts all day or the devastating sadness one feels when a love is lost and how human nature wills us to hold on when we need to let go or looking for love in all the wrong places.

Phraseology and Letters is a must read as it is a beautiful collection of poems that not only make oneself reflect on the past but give joy to the future.

Expressions and Letters by Jeniann Bowers is a heartfelt collection of poetry. Her poems are impressions from pieces of her life from being an innocent child to the heartbreak she felt over losing loved ones. Each poem is a tiny story that elicits a variety of human emotions the reader can identify with. Jeniann has a special ability to capture snapshots of the soul and bring them to life in full color.

Having now read three of Jeniann’s poetry books her words flow with ease off the tongue and mind. Through her poems she expresses so eloquently and honestly the love and compassion she has for life and all things in it as well as the cruelty she see’s in a sometimes dark world. Her inner strength shines through as each poem unfolds as well as her desires and weaknesses. There is also a playfulness in her words heard through the love she feels for her children.

Expressions and Letters along with Jeniann’s other poetry are a collection of remarkable poetry that is in a single word honest.

Jeniann’s Biography:

Jeniann has been writing poetry for seven years and has one pervious poetry book published, Expression on Life Book One, but recently retired it to publish Expressions and Letters, which is a follow-up book that has twenty-one new poems and personal letters written to the reader.
Jeniann also has published a Christmas poetry book that was started from her blog this past holiday season.

Jeniann’s writing techniques are somewhat different from other poets. Jeniann writes mainly condolences poetry about her true feelings and about her life and events that take place.

Interview with Jeniann

Elle: Tell a little about yourself.

Jeniann: I was raised in the mountains of Montana in a small town. My dad was a logger back in the 1980’s and my mom stayed home with us kids. I am the youngest of four. I married young and had four kids with my husband of 21 years. I am recently divorced and finding my place in the world. I have home schooled all my kids, my two girls are adult age and I still home school my two boys, ages 16 and 7, my youngest is Autistic and keeps all of us busy.

Elle:  What is your latest writing accomplishment?

Jeniann:  My latest writing accomplishment would be my two books I am re-releasing this month. The first would be Expressions and Letters and that is to be re-releasing this week and Phraseology that is to be re-released the following week. These two books are my biggest accomplishment because I have never published this large collection of my poetry before.

Elle:  Tell us a little about any other works you have published or will be publishing.
Jeniann: I had published a book late last year, Expressions on Life Book One, but I have retired that book, because my latest book Expressions and Letters so a new edition with twenty-one new poems and letters to the reader. I do plan on publishing another poetry book later this spring early summer.

Elle:  How long have you been writing and how did you fall into it?

Jeniann: I wrote poetry when I was younger and back in high school to vent my emotions about what was happening in my world at that time. I quit writing after I got married and while raising my three older children, it wasn't until 6 years ago I met a friend online and she encouraged me to start writing again and here I am. I write because I love too, I love sharing my thoughts, ideas and opinions about things that are important to me. However, I prefer to write what is considered Condolence Poetry, where I write about true life events and how I felt at the moment that they arise. 

Elle:  Please tell us a little about your writing process.

Jeniann: I have no writing process, I don’t even think about my audience. I sit and write about whatever I may be feeling, thinking about or what someone may have said to me throughout my day. Sometimes I will sit and write about nature, and then my mind will take me to a love poem, and then maybe back to an event that happened in my life.

Elle:  What was the greatest challenge you faced with publishing your work?

Jeniann: My biggest challenge I think I personally face is the fact that most people do not care for poetry and it is so overlooked in our society and schools. So, the toughest part to me is getting someone to want to read the poetry I write, and I will say my writing is different than other poets. I have been told many times that I should not even call my writing poetry or myself a poetess, because in some eyes I am not. But, that does not stop me from writing. 

Let it Begin by Jeniann Bowers is a glimpse of Sally, the narrator’s, childhood. To her life is normal and full of love, as well as poor. Her family didn’t have much, went without water and electricity and lived off the land, including hunting and a vegetable garden. The lived on Jack mountain which set them apart from the town folk, and as Sally gets older she realizes rumors about her family seize the air. Sally has three older siblings who make poor decisions which they all pay for dearly. Her father is an alcoholic with a bad temper, and her mom does her best to balance the family. This novella brings forth how quickly a single event can change a person’s life forever, and how precious life is.

Jeniann’s words place the reader smack in the center of sally’s world. She notices nothing amiss in her life, talks about her pets which include a skunk, silly anecdotes, family decisions, normal rebellious decisions she makes as she grows older, as well as her feelings towards the choices those in her family make and how those decisions directly affect the family. Her voice as Sally is relatable making her a lovable character, giving Let it Begin a nostalgic feel, and leaving an impression not easily forgotten.

Let it Begin was a quick read which left me craving more. I can’t wait for the sequel!

Collection of 25 days of Christmas Poetry by Jeniann Bowers is a wonderful book of warm holiday cheer. Many of the poems summon Christmas memories of childhood with her use of language. Jeniann is able to use a few simple words to bring forth a sight, sound or smell of holiday memories. In several poems she praises the real reason we have Christmas, love,  and how the holiday is not simply about receiving but giving and not only to our loved ones but others as well, especially those in need. 

Her words flow easily off the tongue in a rhythmic, playful pattern as one reads each poem.  Collection of 25 days of Christmas poetry is the second book of poetry by Jeniann I have read and equally impressive. She has a true talent and gift giving her work a unique spin and quickly making her one of my favorite poets.

I highly recommend this book as its fun, warm, reminiscent and full of holiday joy.

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Where to find Jeniann:

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