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Monday, January 6, 2014

What if...

As I was exiting the grocery store the other day I stopped at Redbox, as I frequently do, and rented a couple movies when an idea hit me on the head like a tone of bricks. It was like the light bulb started flashing and I thought why don't we have something like a Redbox for books. We have library's, book stores, online book stores and such but why not grab a good book while exiting the store instead of a movie. Maybe not instead of a movie but all people have their preference and some people just like to read. I have many friend's who will not watch the movie or TV show if they have first read the book. So why not a machine outside Walmart or McDonald's that caters to readers?

I started comparing the two:

1. Books take longer than a couple hours to read so they couldn't be overnight rentals but more like 10 day.

2. It would have to be possible to reserve them online or for someone with a tablet they could just download and rent them online without leaving their couch.

3.Since movies come on DVD with the digital world available to us why not make CD's in PDF format so they could be easily read on any computer. Or have audio versions available for a slightly higher price.

4. The rental and return on time fee's would have to be equally as low as Redbox.

When I have a new book to read I get excited whether it's digital or paperback. I love to delve into another world and discover it's hidden mysteries. I used to make a list on my phone of books to read although by the time I got to the library or bookstore the list would be so long I would have to choose only a few. I have learned my mistake and buy them now the minute I see them so I have accumulated a nice digital library for myself.

Thetroubledoyster in general is not just about books and readers. I choose a variety of topics to post, whatever interests me, or whatever interesting information I learned and want to share with an audience. That is the reason I have started featuring authors, they interest me and I admire their talents. I am also an author who has recently began publishing within the past several months. I have met many outstanding authors whose works have captivated me and whose talents have forced me into the exciting world of Indie authors. 

Since we don't have a Redbox for renting books yet, remember you read it here first, I am in the process of redesigning my Indie Author Book page into a bookstore to showcase the authors who I have interviewed on this blog. Returning for a second to how I used to keep a huge list of books but now I buy instantly or at least place the book in my Amazon wishlist for later purchase. This makes it easy for me so that is what I'm attempting do do with the bookstore, make it easy for you as well. Should any of the authors you see here tickle your fancy as much as they did mine take a peak at some of their other interesting novels.

There are many more enchanting authors to come and a cornucopia of reading material. 

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