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Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Mean Machine

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

For Christmas I was given w Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch. I picked it out after researching all the latest tablets and I love it! Dual core processor, android operating system, front and rear cameras ( I can finally take selfies) full HD, 5gb of ram it's quick and responsive,8 inch screen although they also come in 7 and 10, and it can be used as a universal remote. It does it all.In fact I packed up the laptop.

I found the battery also lasts 48 Hours, impressive! Picture quality is awesome. I just ordered a case with a bluetooth keyboard for my writing needs and learned I can also get a usb adapter, amazing, that's next on my list of accessories.

Did I say yet how much I love it? I can use it as an ereader, photoeditor, bookwriter, social networker, all my entrepenaureal business efforts, blogging-using it now. It does more but those are my uses.

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