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Monday, February 23, 2015

Separation Anxiety and Me

Last Thursday I made a huge decision and traded in my truck after 15 years and 151,000+ miles together.

Our story began in June 2000. My ex husband and I were looking for my next car. I already knew what I wanted it was a matter of finding it. 

On a sunny Florida summer morning we made a stop at the Dodge dealership and looked at all the trucks. In the back of the lot I fell in love with a shiny red Dakota 2 door loaded club cab 4.7L SLT.  I knew at that moment it was my vehicle. I'm not a person who rushes into big purchases so I decided if it was still there in two weeks it was mine.

Two weeks later we went back, listened to the salesman try and pitch the new 2001 quad cabs at us for an hour. Then I asked to see what was in the back of the lot. Low and behold my truck was still there. I drove it off the lot that day with 11 miles on the speedometer.

We made two trips to Virginia, a few further south in Florida, I drove it the long trek to college and back for two years, taught my oldest daughter to drive in it, and hauled countless loads of stuff. Cinnamon, my truck, was a daily part of my life for 15 years and the most reliable and fun vehicle I've ever owned.

I needed something more practical for my life now. She averaged 10 miles to the gallon in town, slightly better on the freeway. I traded her for a 4 cylinder SUV. It's a fun car and I still sit up high enough I can see everything. My new vehicle doesn't have Cinnamon's raw power but it has spunk. I can easily fit a car seat in the back and have plenty of room for hauling stuff in the way back and more if I fold the seat down.

I took Cinnamon for one last joy ride, pushed the accelerator to the floor, rolled down the window, and enjoyed our last moments together. She is truly a truck that was worth every penny of what we paid for her and she is missed.

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