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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Permit Driver

I'm thankful today for...
My daughter and her driving permit!

I say this honest and true. My youngest daughter just got her permit and has in my book proven herself to be a great driver. Why? On Saturday she went on an excursion with her father and his girlfriend. Her father is the worst backseat driver ever. He drove me insane for 18 years and always insisted I drive. Could be one of the many reasons I divorced him. So my daughter took to the road with a man who hasn't taught a soul to drive and loves to tell people how to drive. She took on the horrible bridge during rain, wind, and her father. She drove safe and they arrived at their destination. I'm impressed. I'm really impressed. If she can handle all that she can handle anything.

At work today I started to crave margaritas and Mexican food. I sent my daughter a text asking if she wanted to go out and eat Mexican for dinner. She agreed right away. When I got home we went out, ate, and I ordered a pitcher of margaritas. My daughter isn't old enough to drink. I sucked down almost an entire pitcher myself, and would have taken the last home but alcoholic doggy bags are illegal. It was the best feeling in the world, and I took advantage of knowing I had a designated driver. Heck, all I had to do was sit in the passenger seat on the way home, she drove. 

It is a wonderful feeling to have a permitted driver under the age of 21. When my oldest daughter got her permit 8 years ago I was still married and unable to reap the benefits. My youngest daughter who now has her permit also has her own car. She did it backwards, car- permit- next, license. 

Tonight, I relaxed and enjoyed stuffing my face with great food and margaritas. I was able to indulge and know I'd make it home safe. 

I love having a permitted driver under 21! 

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