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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poetry, Dreams and More Vol.2 Blog Tour

Poet’s Bio:

Jeniann is also a seven time self-published poetess. Her books have been in the top ten best-selling list on Amazon in the past and her current ratings stand at 4.5. She has published the following books: Expressions on Life Book One, Expressions and Letters, Phraseology and Letters, Collection of 25 Days of Christmas Poetry, and her recently re-release of Poems, Dreams & More, Poetry Is...???, Poems, Dreams, & More Vol.2. She is always busy writing, reading & reviewing books for other authors and poets. 

Jeniann is the owner of Poetry is...which is a blogging business of her own personal poetry and also a blog to help spread the word of poetry and teach the world that poetry is an excellent choice to
write and read. Jeniann is a firm advocate for poetry publishing and writing poetry. 

Jeniann also writes under the names Stacie & Sweet Willow where she blogs for Double Decker Books while researching & writing on her own.

Email Address: poetryis.heart.jb@gmail

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Blurb: Poems, Dreams & More Vol.2

This volume of poetry is a collection of the previous book of Poems, Dreams & More with new poems added. 
Poems, Dreams & More Vol.2 still shows two different worlds of writing, the softer side of me and the side of me that stills questions things. Poems, Dreams & More Vol.2; was a journey outside of my norm and into a world of learning and rebuilding my writing in a new direction than ever before. This journey took me to a place where I was finally settled and happy in my life and knew what my true dreams were of life, love, nature and liberty. Within this book you will find some of the best poetry, which were previously
published in volume 1, “Imagine”, “Many Miles Between Us” and new poetry, such as “Greatest!”, “Wait & See” and “The Haunting of Her Past”

Pre-Release Date; (No Reviews Until) March 25, 2015


Kindle: Poems, Dreams & More: Vol.2
Spotlight Poem: 

Spring Time Joy

Lilies of white
Spring time joy
Petals one by one
Open up 
In blossom
Of the sun’s ray
Birds singing
Nestling in the trees
Butterflies kiss
The lilies
Of white
Spring time joy

Promotion for Other Books on Poetry Is…

Promotion for Other Books on Poetry Is…

In celebration to National Poetry Month for April, 2015, I have placed all six books on my blog for any interested readers to read for free, to help celebrate all poets and bring Autism Awareness.

I have a great love for my son who is Autistic who has taught me to see the world in a whole different perspective in return I pass this along within my poems I write. Hayden was 6 when we found out that he was Autistic, he faces several mental challenges in his daily school work but he is so smart with technology, fun, creative, funny, warm, sweet little boy who just sees the world in a different way. His dreams are bigger than the moon and his love for everyone is just as big.

All I ask is for you to help celebrate all those who choose to write this genre and for everyone who has a loved one who is Autistic or for someone who fights the daily battles of Autism first by leaving a review, and make a donation to Music for Autism.


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