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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chris Birdy The Girl in White Pajamas

On my reading list for 2015 is both The Girl in White Pajamas and the sequel The Girl in Black Pajamas. I have had these books on my reader for a few months and was so happy to final have the chance to get started reading the series.

I wasn't disappointed and recommend this book for anyone who loves mystery, suspense, and crazy family drama. Coming in May to Amazon the audiobook!

My Review:

The Girl in White Pajamas got my attention from the start. The scene a blistery cold night in Boston, a man in a parked car without the heat on, and a lady walking out of an office building. The man exits his car when he sees the woman leave the building and walks up to her. Few words are exchanged before he is shot in the head. The next chapter the reader is introduced to Bogie MacGruder who grew up with his illegitimate father in a house that offered him little love. His half siblings can barely function on their own and his father’s wife hates him. The MacGruder family is beyond dysfunctional. Bogie has a 3 year old precocious daughter, Izzy, which he meets for the first time.  She is sure to win over reader’s hearts as she becomes the hit of the book. 

The story focuses on introducing the reader to the family along with all their history. Towards the end the small clues Birdy drops throughout the novel come together and the mystery is solved. The ending leaves new doors opened for the sequel, already on my book shelf!

The author does a remarkable job bringing each character to life forcing me to love, loathe, and like them. The story is believable and far-fetched at the same time giving it a taste of humor. As a visual reader the story plays like a movie and the action doesn’t stop until the last page is turned.

Interesting and suspenseful!

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