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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Accepting my inner Sagittarius

It was after my divorce I learned why I act and feel the ways that I do. Marriage didn't work for me I felt trapped inside a stall and kicked and bucked until I found the freedom I sought. I am a Sagittarius but didn't understand what that meant until I broke free of my marriage.

First of all I married a Scorpio/ Sagittarius. I put the Scorpio first because he was and is far more Scorpio than Sagittarius. His few Sag. traits are far overpowered by his alpha side as he tried to control me and everything in his life. Not a good combination. Once I busted out of my stall (Sagittarius are the horse) I roamed free and fell in love with my life and accepted my inner horse. 

Sagittarius are free-spirited individuals who are generally easy going, social and happy. We don't accept structure and constraints well as we need change and freedom. We work well within our own structure and seem flighty to others. We're not. We are very goal focused and loyal. The loyalty part goes to pot when someone screws us over. We'll drop you like a bad banana. 

For two years I planned to take this year off work to roam the countryside literally. I planned and prepared to travel the world. I needed freedom from my profession as well as where I live. For me the teaching profession was tolerable for several years. Even though we had standards and a specified structure to follow we also had freedom in how we taught.Today teaching is the most macro to micro managed profession from the federal government to the local government and the school itself. That doesn't work for me.I can't have someone telling when I can breath, think and speak. The flexibility gone and replaced with a rigid structure I was again bucking at the stall gate. 

I have taken the year off although I'm not travelling the world. Well my wonderful Gemini boyfriend has planned a trip. Gemini's are planners and they like structure. Correction they are structure. They are also very lovable, big hearted and easy going (until their structure is messed with). Mess with their structure and their evil side shines. Anyways, I have taken a year to help my daughter with my grand daughter as she finishes school and goes to work. She's the single mother of an adorable Scorpio (my daughter's a Scorpio too). I have lived with Scorpio's my entire life and get along well with true Scorpios because I'm flexible and they can be the alpha so long as they don't mess with my freedom. In taking this year off I'm working on writing, publishing and marketing my books. For the next year my books are my income and my sales are increasing through avenues I've never made sales before. 

The Troubled Oyster has a fantastic international audience and there are a few FREE things you can do to help me out.

1. In the Beginning Baby Girl Book 1 is perma-free but only available free on 3 Amazon sites. To help me get it free everywhere else you can go to your country's Amazon website, find In the Beginning, scroll to Product Details, at the bottom beneath the rankings it says, 'tell us about a lower price'. Use one of the links below to tell them its free there.




Barnes and Noble




Google Play



2. If you haven't already, download it. Remember its free. If you have a copy gift a free copy to a friend or family member.

3. At most outlets besides Amazon the Box Set has been selling far more than the individual shorts in the Baby Girl series so I made a decision to unpublish the shorts from all websites except Amazon. They are now listed with Kindle Unlimited on a trial basis so if you enjoy In the Beginning and are part of Kindle Unlimited than by all means download Moonlighting on Paris, City by the Bay and Bite the Big Apple for free too. Be sure to scroll through all the pages including the front and back matter because Amazon pays by page count.

And reviews are always welcome and helpful. As an indie author and not a household name reviews help people (especially Gemini's - they tend to be review readers) decide whether to buy the book or not.

Thank you in advance and enjoy my free book. By the way Cleo, Baby Girl, is a Leo.

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