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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Angel's Name by Selena Rivera Book Review

One of the few feel good romances I've ever read. I'm a suspense/thriller/ horror gal but every so often I love a good romance. The Angel's Name is one of those romances that made me smile inside.

My Review:

The Angel’s Name is an adorable love story and a brilliant start for debut author Selena Rivera. The story made me smile and feel warm inside. It’s more than a romance, more of a story of true love. Bobby-James pro football player and Rebecca a song-writer meet by chance. Neither can stop thinking about the other. Nashville is only so big a city and they gravitate towards each other.

Rivera does an astounding job using dialogue to bring out her characters. Their personalities shine. Bobby James is  gentle-hearted, hot, and a gentleman. He’s every woman’s dream. Rebecca is timid and a little insecure yet drawn to Bobby who puts her at ease. Rebecca and Bobby aren’t the only characters, Rivera does the same with all of them. She brings out the quirks and personality through dialogue.

I also loved the setting. Tennessee is such a beautiful state and Nashville is an awesome city. She captured the essence of what I felt during my stay in Nashville. The people are lovely and full of stories and history.

The Angel’s Name is worth the read!

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