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Friday, September 25, 2015

The Bride Wore Dead by E.M. Kaplan book review

The Bride Wore Dead is a book I've been looking forward to reading. I even placed it on my Must-Reads for 2015 list. I wasn't disappointed, enjoyable read!

My Review:

The Bride Wore Dead by E.M.Kaplan is a hysterical murder-mystery. Josie Tucker is a food columnist who gets thrown into a wedding as a bride’s maid because the dress fits. Soon after the wedding the bride turns up dead from a bee sting. This leads the husband’s mother to seek Josie and infiltrate the ranch the couple was staying at for their honeymoon. Josie isn’t a detective but needs money and retreat time so accepts the offer.

Kaplan has created a spicy, lovable character with Josie Tucker. She is a tiny built, Asian lady with stomach issues. Her doctor and long time friend Drew is the man she loves, only he doesn’t know it. Josie is a prickly character. Warm fuzzies aren’t her style. Josie’s personality draw out the comedy in this book as she bumbles through solving the “murder”.

For lovers of mystery, comedy and strong female protagonists The Bride Wore Dead is a sure love!

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