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Friday, November 11, 2016

Among Monsters by Jamie McGuire Audiobook Review

This was a really enjoyable zombie story!

My Review:
Among Monsters is an apocalyptic story involving a family, 2 daughters and a father, trying to get to Red Hill where the girls think their mother is. The oldest daughter Jenna and her mother spent free time watching zombie flicks and have an elaborate plan for the apocalypse. The girls father picks them up from school at the beginning of when people are only starting to get sick, things progress quickly, cell phones go out and they have no way of contacting their mother or for her to contact them so they stick to the plan, meet at Red Hill.

I really didn't like either girl nor the mother. The oldest Jenna is a brat and the youngest is whiny. I felt bad for the father but all that brought realism and character to them and they humbled over time. In the story they face several tough situations and meet several people who help them during their travels. The plot was pretty tight and focused and I felt the story wasn't too gory for young adults, in fact there wasn't much blood and guts for a zombie story.

I enjoyed the narrator, Patricia Santomasso's performance and was able t to see the story play out in my head.


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