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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

White is the Coldest Colour Audiobook Review

An interesting psychological thriller.

My Review:

So I already left a review but it's not here. So weird. Overall an interesting concept but to be honest I was hoping for more suspence which this book lacked in spades.

I give the author credit in attempting to broach difficult subject latter with taste but their isn't any so might as well be forward and gruesome or at least build the suspense. The narrator didn't help as his tone was even and he lacked any tactics to characterize or even lead on that I should be chewing my nails, instead I went to sleep after every couple chapters.

So that all sounds pretty negative but overall with a more exciting narrator and more action I think it has potential. I also recognize that most people don't digest fictional gruesome as well as I do so I think many people would enjoy this book even though I found it a literal sleeper. 

Honestly, if you can't stomach gory yet want a good toe curler that won't gross you out this may be a book for you.


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