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Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to spend a rainy day

This morning I got busy finishing and completing a book review I've been working on. Which I will post here Tuesday. My next plans were to work on Baby Girl Book 4. Those plans were spoiled as a huge thunderstorm knocked out the electricity. So I started reading a Psilent Place Below by Marcha Fox and started this blog post.
As of recently I've gained some unexpected and well loved publicity. I want to share it with you. Yesterday, a short story I submitted to WISemag was published and released.
This morning I recieved not one but two new Amazon reviews on Baby Girl Book 1. One of these reviews by SB Morales is also posted on her blog. A huge thank you! I love reviews, most authors do. It's what drives us on in our endeavor to entertain. We want to know what you think and it doesn`t have to be in 200 words. A simple couple sentences will suffice. Link to the second review, click here to read.
As of a couple days ago I recieved a short review on As Snow Falls. I found myself smiling ear to ear.
Another huge, really huge event that happend just yesterday was my boyfriend for about a year started reading my Baby Girl 3 ARC. I was shocked! He never reads for fun. He didn't just read a few sentences either but an entire chapter or so and showered me with compliments after. I was flabberghasted and of course downloaded the mobi file to his Kindle reader.
All in all it's been a great week. Tomorrow starts the As Snow Falls blog tour. Check back here or on my website to keep up and enter into the rafflecopter giveaway! Below

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