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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jason Wallace author of Shattered: On the Edge of Insanity

For your reading pleasure I bring you Jason Wallace; an author brimming with character. He'll be at the Facebook event Dreams, Fantasies, Nightmares, and Visions June 18-22. This is an open event join in.


Elle: Tell a little about yourself.

Jason: I'm a man.  Is that short enough?  I'm from the Midwest.  I have an M.A. in American and European History, which influences some of my writing.  I write in multiple genres and don't like to pigeonhole myself with labels.

Elle: What book are you promoting at the event?

Jason: The novel that I'm promoting is "Shattered: On the Edge of Insanity."  The protonist, Richard Ratner, wakes up in a mental institution, accused of murdering his only daughter.  He cannot figure out how this has happened or why he is the only suspect?  He has a good idea who did it and why but doesn't know if can prove it.  He partners with his attorney to find enough evidence to free himself, though he has to escape to do it.  Chased by armed gunmen, he and his lawyer find that there is much more to it all than they had ever suspected, but there may be much more just within Richard's own mind.  He may not even know who he really is.  Imagine Edge of Darkness meets Identity meets Shutter Island.
I will also discuss some of my short stories during the event.

Elle: Give an overview of the protagonist (s) and any quirks they
may have?

Jason: Richard Ratner: attorney for the little man, believes in justice for the 99%, loving and devoted father, mentally unstable individual who cannot make sense of his life and has far more problems than he could ever realize

Elle: What are some other works you have published?

Jason: The Blade of Anslor - an epic medieval fantasy about an escaped slave and his quest to find a legendary sword that could end the tyranny of an evil king and save himself and his new friends
The Firstfruits of the Flesh - a horror short story about cannibalism in the Swiss Alps
Eternal Desire - a vampire romance about a woman that has been searched for for centuries but must come to terms with the reality that she must stop her evil pursuer or else damn all of mankind
Relentless - a contemporary, drama-filled romance short story about love, loss, and coping with both
The Legend of Arthur Tanner and Johnny Red - a western short story about a lawman's attempt to stop the most ruthless gunman the West ever saw 
The Swamp Fox and His Ragtag Militia - a novella about Francis Marion and the exploits of he and his men during the American Revolution, their interwoven tales, and the ruthlessness that prevailed on both sides of the war

Elle:  What items do you require while writing? 

Jason: Silence, sweet and brilliant silence.  Other than that, tea or coffee.

Elle: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Jason: Anywhere that isn't where I live.

Elle: Do you have a favorite author or book?

Jason: Not really.  I like so many that I can't narrow it down like that.

Elle: Describe yourself in three words.

Jason: ambitious, persevering, calculating 

Shattered at Amazon

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