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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Madi Preda and How to Promote and Market Your Book

Today's review is about a book written by a lady who has been helping to market and promote books for years. As an author I find this book to be a good companion. As most authors in today's market have found out; no matter how good your book is nobody will know unless you work your butt off to promote.


How To Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda is a great guide for authors, full of resources and ideas. Less than a year ago I published my first book and had no idea how to market and promote it. In fact I hadn't considered the entire marketing and promoting piece. Now I think about it daily and spend as much time with it as I do writing. I have learned a lot and have used a lot of the information in this book. These strategies work!

Madi gives tips on writing press releases, how use social media effectively, what not to do, and a host of resources. Just last night while reading I took short breaks to check into several of the resources she mentioned in the book.They are now bookmarked on my google tab for easy reference. For all authors indie or traditional this book is a godsend. I am so pleased and thankful that she put all this information into an easy to read, understand, and somewhat humorous book No doubt I will be referenceing various chapters and resoures as I continue my marketing and promotional campaign.

Thank you Madi Preda for sharing your knowledge!

Where to find Madi and her book
Authors Promotion Blog

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