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Monday, June 16, 2014

Tall, Dark, and Ever so Beautiful

I have been going through Baby Girl Book 3 City by the Bay edits all day. Only a few short chapters from releasing the book. In this segment Cleo has taken on a new identity, Shannu Nu, although she will always be Cleo. Introducing Fetch, love interest and super hot, somewhat quirky guy.

Their meeting...
Tall, Dark, and Ever so Beautiful, danced closer and closer until his sterling silver eyes caught me in an intense visual moment. Swirling my body in the opposite direction, my eyes trailing off him with the movement, I found myself dancing with Short, Dumpy and Pear-shaped instead. 

Later that night...
“You got moves.” Came a male voice directly behind me. His body heat radiated against my back. I contorted my body sideways to observe my admirer, his chest centimeters from my face. Tall, Dark, and Ever so Beautiful. In that second the world froze as my eyes traced the outline of his broad shoulders, slowly cruising up his neck, over his Adam’s Apple, lingering on the five o’clock stubble that danced across his chin, and finally resting on his silver bullet eyes. Our bodies coalesced into a single form undulating in waves of human lust. 

As the song wound down, he grabbed onto my hips, gyrating in sync towards the bar, a consuming, feverish wave drifted with us.

“Do you have a name?” The words played off his tongue.


“Shanna, pleasure to meet you.” Grasping my hand in his he placed a gentle kiss upon it.

Really, the last thing I needed was another man in my life. I had finally realized my fate and freedom was my own.

“Thanks for the dance.” The edge in my voice clearly evident as I stood and exited the bar.

Approximately an hour later Kacy trudged into the apartment. 

“That was awesome! I had no idea you could dance like that. What happened between you and Fetch?”

“Fetch?” I had to ask. I mean, who names their kid Fetch? Was he a pet in a previous life?

Tricked into their first date...
“Ladies, I had two tickets to Candlestick cast into my possession this morning for Sunday’s game. I thought maybe Kacy, or Shanna,” I could feel his eyes resting on the top of my orange moppy hair sprawled across the bar, “would like to take advantage of this opportunity with me.” I could still feel his eyes. It was like they were penetrating inside my skull.

“Got a bar to tend and a boyfriend, remember?” Kacy said. The tone in her voice told me she was making an excuse, forcing me into the position of hanging out with this gorgeous man for an afternoon.

“Shanna?” The sound waves from his voice hovered just above me.
I raised my head and responded, “I’m busy too.”

“No, you’re not. I’ll pick you up around…” He glanced at the spot on his wrist where a watch might sit, only his was vacant, “eleven o’clock. That should give us some tailgating time.” With that he exited the bar, leaving me in a quandary.

“Did he really just do that?” I questioned Kacy as if she would actually know.

“He did,” she responded with a giggle. Her eyes lit up. “He fancies you,” she stated in a fake Fetch voice, raising her left eyebrow higher than her right.

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