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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Baby Girl 3 First Review!

I am really excited to share Baby Girl Book 3's first review! The book will be released on July 15th. I want to thank Marcha Fox for the review and I'm so glad she enjoyed the story. I also want to give a little background. This segment takes place in San Francisco. I was born and spent the first 19 years of my life in the S.F. area. To this day it is still my favorite city and I will always have the romantic and amazing view of the downtown while coming over the bay bridge etched in my memory. I want to thank my two wonderful daughters for their help with the cover. Peggy my youngest is the gorgeous cover model and Renae my oldest is the talented photographer.

Review courtesy of Marcha Fox author of Star Trails Tetralogy


“Baby Girl 3: City by the Bay” continues the saga of Cleo, a girl abandoned as a child and on a quest to discover her true identity.  This latest installment of the popular series of novellas finds Cleo, now known as Shanna Nu, in San Francisco where she hopes to uncover more information pertaining to the disappearance of the woman she knew as her mother.  Cleo is acutely aware of cryptic letters the woman left behind warning her that her life could be in danger as she nonetheless persists, more determined than ever, to discover who she is.  She conveniently obtains a job with a seasoned ex-cop turned private investigator named La Tige where she acquires a variety of new skills as well as access to new information in police files.   As she gradually unravels the past the more tangled it becomes as she continues to pick through the various threads and close in on the truth.


This episode is filled with additional mystery, intrigue and adventure as the story and plot deepen.  Amid the challenges and sometimes shocking revelations, Cleo is gradually discovering who she is at the core even if her actual identity still eludes her.   Readers following this series will enjoy the ride as new dimensions of the story are revealed as well as witnessing Cleo’s evolving maturity.  She still may not know her legal identity but she is beginning nonetheless to know exactly who and what she is, a discovery that everyone must encounter sooner or later.


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