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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random is My Middle Name

I was just settling down to work on some edits and decided to blog instead. There is no theme here just the rantings of an author.

Welcome to all new followers! I tend to be a spur-of-the-moment kind of person so this blog tends to be random. I post book reviews (both ones for my books and quality books that I read and review), blog tours, excerpts and material from my own books, and whatever I feel like for the day. This post is one of the latter.

I've been back at work for three weeks now and the 9-5ness of it all still hasn't settled in. I wake up at 5:30 and don't go to sleep until long after sundown; usually about midnight! I'm 3 episodes behind on True Blood. To me that's a travesty. :-(

Cute story from work. As many of you already know I work with junior high students. Today was picture day and most looked really nice even the T-shirted ones wore fresh, clean T-shirts. A young man wore a T-shirt that said Throwback Thursday and had a picture of a  VHS tape across his chest. It tickled me because I don't think VHS have been sold in stores since he was born 13, 14 years ago. I'm not sure he even knows what one is! Nonetheless it was a cute shirt.

In the world of reviews this week. A couple 5 star reviews for As Snow Falls.

Beyond all else it begs the question, “Until we can each get along and perfect our families how can there possibly be hope for the world?” Its message will stay with me for a long time, a book I’ll never forget. Read the rest here.

Marcha Fox Author of Star Trails Teralogy

As the woman recalls realizing the evils of life and then the beauties of life, the puzzle pieces come together into a magnificent picture that won't soon be forgotten. Read the rest here.

Emily at Goodreads

Baby Girl Book 1
A powerful and emotionally charged short story about a girl named Cleo. It is superbly written to offer the perfect balance of ‘show not tell.’ Read the rest here.

Sarah Butfield at Goodreads

Great start to the story. A quick read that grabs you and makes you stay till the end. Read here.

Princess Angela at Amazon

September 1st Cleo goes on tour again for Baby Girl Book 3. Hosted by Double Decker Books. There will be music, a character interview, new reviews, and a giveaway that includes copies of the book and a Starbucks gift card!

Many thanks to everyone's continued support!

In honor of Throwback Thursday...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Captive by Samantha Jacobey Blog Tour

Captive Blog Tour has been brought to you by Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions.

Captive - A New Life Novel… To what lengths would you go to break away from a life filled with pain and suffering? 

Tori Farrell has lived a dangerous life. When you grow up with a Motorcycle Gang of Mercenaries and Drug Lords like the Dragons, a normal life is more like a fairy tale. For years, she accepted her dark reality, a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. In the end, she learned the most valuable lesson: survival. 
After years of being ruled by the Dragons, Tori uses her skills of seduction and assassination to free herself from the grasp of the people who vowed they would never let her go. Taken in by the FBI, she fears not everything is what it seems, and soon finds herself lost in a web of lies and deceit. She thought getting away from the Dragons would put her on a path to a new and better life, but now she must face the cold hard truth… there is always a price to be paid.

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To her surprise, Eli was already in her room, seated in his chair looking out into the garden while he waited. He turned and standing, smiled as soon as she entered the room. Tori could feel her heart pounding, a slight smile teasing the corner of her lips before she could wipe it away. Eli reached down to pick up a single pink rose wrapped in plastic that lay on the table, and handing it to her said simply, "This is for you."

Tori stared down at the bright pink petals in awe for several seconds, not exactly sure what to do with an actual flower. Finally, she raised her eyes and shrugged, which gave Eli a short fit of laughter, and he set off into her bathroom to search for something to put water in for the rose.

Returning shortly with a plastic cup of water, he showed her how to unwrap the bloom and stand it in the cup. "Ideally," he explained, "you should trim the stem a small amount so that it can take up water better and last a bit longer."

Tori stared back at him, trying desperately not to allow her excitement at the gift to show…

Buy Links:
Captive: Book 1 - Formerly Life of Recovery (A New Life)
Bound: Book 2 - Formerly Life of Doubt (A New Life) 
Entwined: Book 3 of A New Life Series Exposed:
Book 4 of A New Life Series 
A New Life - Boxed Set: Captive, Bound, Entwined & Exposed - Books 1-4 
Barnes and Noble

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Facebook- Samantha Jacobey
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take a Ride Through the Heavens with Marcha Fox

Who doesn't like Astrology? really? Most people are at least slightly intrigued even if they won't admit it. The following book is authored by someone who has become a good friend and great supporter to me. I absolutely love her YA fiction series Star Trails Tetralogy. Honestly, I was just as intrigued with her non fiction book Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology. I've heard many times over that astrology isn't real science. Well, those people haven't read Marcha's book. She uses her science degree and knowledge to put astrology into scientific terms that are entertaining and easy to read.



Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology by Marcha Fox is an amusing guide to astrology. I laughed when I read my sign, Sagittarius, as so much of what Marcha says is true such as single subjects not holding our attention, bingo! A bulls eye on our attitude as well. She includes sun signs, moon signs. Again, I was enthralled with her pinpointing Sagittarius. I know that one the best. She includes the planets and their peculiarities  and how they interact with the signs. I found Venus 9th house to be very specific to me as a person. 

This book is a great reference for anyone wanting to learn about astrology or someone who seeks to understand it. She uses plenty of charts and easy to understand language to bring it to a level that can be understood. She also throws her wit and charm into it making for an entertaining read. 

Informative and interesting.

Where to find Marcha and her books
Barnes and Noble

Even when I'm down...

Even when I'm down my many friends and family have a way of lifting my spirits!

Today was one of those days. You know the one' when everything possible goes wrong. I spent my morning on the phone between my bank and paypal and accomplished nothing. Cruised through my work day. Left work to go to my daughters' house. I hit every red light and a section of road closed for two ambulances and police cars. This is rush hour by the way and my truck has no air conditioning and I live in Florida! I'm sitting in traffic dripping wet and my truck starts smoking from the hood. From my experience this is never good so I pull over, luckily their was a shell station. I pulled my truck in and walked over to Jersey Mikes, ate a sub, killed about 40 minutes and went back to my truck. 

I popped open the hood, opened the radiator cap. It was full. I started my truck and let it run to make sure the thermostat was working. All good. So I got back on the road and had no more problems. I didn't actually believe my truck overheated since the gauge never displayed it but hey, my truck is 14 years old the gauge could be bad but evidently it wasn't. I think my truck just didn't like the heat any more than me.

By the time I got home I was sweaty, grumpy and looking forward to a shower. Out of habit I opened up my tablet and to my surprise an author whom I know had read my book and left a review! I read the review and tears of joy sprinkled my eyes. Of all days her review lifted my spirits and I've been giddy since.

Below is a partial of the review for As Snow Falls.

"A riveting story - Memories of a life lived to the fullest.

Elle Klass has written a story where everyone can identify with the main character and understand some clouds of their own life." https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1032807632

Author Madi Preda

It's the little things in life that make me happy!

Kat Green Strings-Blog Tour

Kat Green's Blog Tour for Strings is brought to you by Double Decker Books.

Vote for Kat Greens cover on the monthly Masquerade Crew - August Cover Wars Part 3: Vote DAILY for your favorite 1 or 2 covers. Click here to vote!

Kat Green was born Nov 1979 into a military family, and moved around alot during her childhood. This shaped her into the person she is today. At ease with meeting new people and adapting to new surroundings. Her family roots are from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Kat now lives with her husband and son on the south
coast of England, Portsmouth. She doesn't pretend to be the best, and is still growing as a writer and having fun along the way. She loves books and has a busy imagination. Her love for music plays a big part in her first nove, Strings, and she can be found mainly at gigs around the UK. In 2010 she lost her mother to blood cancer and it was time to put her words on a page and stop worrying about what people might say, 'Life is too short and precious to waste' is her motto. Writing is her passion and her escape. If you like what she does, she says 'Thank you!' For those who don't, she says 'Thanks for giving her a chance.'

Book Blurb – 
The rise of the Black Eagles was meteoric, from band practice in the garage to global stars almost overnight. 
And Melissa Webb, the beautiful girlfriend of the front man, appeared to have it all. 
But when Luke Black disappears without a trace and Melissa wakes up in a hospital bed after a savage attack, her perfect world is shattered and their lives are plunged into a potentially deadly crisis. 

Where is Luke, and can he be found before it is too late?
Character Interview:

Q1: How old were you when you started playing guitar?

Luke: I was 12.  My mum gave me Chloe, my acoustic guitar on my twelve birthday.

Q2: What started your song writing?

Luke: Losing my best friend at age 7 in a house fire. I wrote my first song Pink Ribbons for Chloe, who was also the reason I named my guitar. Her death impacted on me that much. I was 7 years old and it was the only way I could move on and accept it. But, without letting her go completely.

Q3: If Chloe was still alive, do you think she would be your girlfriend?

Luke: I often ask myself that. I don’t know if she would have been in my life romantically but she would be my best friend. That I am very sure of. A part of me thinks she was removed to allow me to meet Melissa. She is my little Angel who I believe has always been with me. I’ve never forgotten her.

Q4: If you were not in a band or doing anything music related. What job would you be doing?

Luke: I would still be working in a petrol station. Dying of boredom. I try not to think about it. I’m doing the only thing I want to do and have any skill in.

Q5: What was it like to go from playing to 20 people in a pub to what you’re doing now?

Luke: Mind blowing, insane and I am still in shock. Everyone dreams of it but not everyone gets it. I am so thankful for every fan we have.

Q6: What song is your favourite to perform?

Luke: Ooooh that’s easy ‘Weekend High’ I wrote that when I was twenty after a really bad relationship. It wasn’t really a relationship but at the time I didn’t see it,  it was just convenience and there was no love there. Also, the fans go nuts to it.

Q7: Which gig has been your favorite so far?

Luke: Now, that is harder to answer because every gig is amazing for all kinds of reasons. I don’t think it would be fair to choose one. That is like saying to one set of fans ‘Oh you were great’ and make other fans feel like you are dissing them. But, for sentimental reasons our third gig at Ruby’s back home will always be special. I meet my Liss there and it was what changed everything for me, and us as a band.

Q8: It’s a Saturday night and you’re not on tour. What would you be doing? 

Luke: I don’t see Liss much so we would either be catching up at home. (Luke winks and laughs) or we would be out with everyone getting drunk.

Q9: Who is your best friend?

Luke: My band are my best mates but the ultimate title goes to Dale. He’s always there for me even when I’m a pain in the arse, we’ve know each other since we were 10.

Q10: What would you like to say to your fans about the gossip that surrounds you?

Luke: That most of it is complete and utter rubbish. If you haven’t heard it from me the chances are it isn’t true. And, Just to clarify the latest story. The band are not splitting up. My girlfriend isn’t sleeping with my drummer, doesn’t have a drink problem and isn’t pregnant.

Q11: You have 48 hours to live. What would you do?

Luke: I would put on the biggest show and say goodbye to my fans before spending whatever time I have left with the people I love. Hopefully write a song that will go down in history so I live on forever.

Character Bio: Luke Black –

CAREER: Front man for The Black Eagles.

Full name: Luke Black

Gender: Male 

Age: 22

Birthday:  Sept 7th 1991

Nationality: English

Religion:  Music

City or town of birth: Portsmouth UK

Currently lives: London 

Relationship Status: Taken 


Height:  Short but has presence bigger than Goliath 

Hair colour: Jet Black

Hairstyle: Short with a lightening strike fringe 

Eye colour: Sapphire Blue 

Tattoos: Eagles on Left side and both arms 

Piercings:  None 

Preferred style of clothing: Jeans and Hoody

Frequently worn jewellery: Leather wristband given to him by his 


Smoker? Too much

Drinker? Too much

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Travel sickness


Personality:  Perfectionist, Loving but fierce if messed with. 

Likes: Guitars, Eagles and his girlfriend 

Dislikes: Vanity and Liars 

Fears/phobias: Losing his arms so he can’t play guitar

Favourite colour: Black

Hobbies: Music, Music and Music 


Talents/skills: Guitarist, Lyricist, Singer and Leader. 

Ability to drive a car?  Yes 


Favourite food(s): Homemade 

Favourite drink(s):  Beer, Whiskey and Coffee 

Disliked food: Nothing, eats anything. 

Disliked drinks: Water 


Describe the character’s house/home: Top floor Apartment in London 

Significant/special belongings: Chloe, his acoustic Guitar

Parents names: Debbie and Stuart Black

Siblings? Only Child 

Other Important Relatives: Ray his manager is like a tour dad to him. 

Partner/Spouse: Melissa Webb (Girlfriend. Soul mate)

Best Friend: Dale Baxter (Band member) 

Other Important Friends: Toby Maxwell and Tom Lawton (Band members)

 Where to find Kat Green

Where to buy Strings
Signed paperbacks
Strings Amazon U.S.
Amazon U.K.

Praises already being sung

“I started reading this book yesterday morning and I could not put it down, it was that good.  ” - Stacie review on Amazon 

“Looking forward to another book about the The Black Eagles and the Eagle girls.  ” - Teresa Jensen review on Amazon 

“So well written! I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for the sequel!!" - Kate Youngreview on Amazon 

“I could not put this book down.” - Rubina Guerrero review on Amazon  

“It is quite a gripping story.” - Paula Esteban review on Amazon 

“I’m in love with Kat Greens writing skills. She knows how to show emotions and action and writes a good balance between it.” - Annika review on Goodreads

“…have a story with heart stopping moments, twists and turns that will keep you hooked to the end.

Can't wait for the next book.” - Emmie Kates on Goodreads 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Carol Piner- Evidence of Insanity

This book was an outrageous account of stories from the author's own life. Through her wittiness and sarcasm she wrote a novel that I truly feel anyone would love. 


Evidence of Insanity is the perfect name for Carol Piner’s book. It is an autobiographical narrative that was more than hilarious and brutally honest. Growing up on the shores of North Carolina where there really isn’t much to do with a father who cheats and a mom who puts her foot down and refuses to take it. The divorce sends her mother spiraling into alcoholism and the children one by one packing up to live with dad and his new wife. She has a deep dislike for her father but the most respect for her mother who is something of a spitfire. 

The author’s sarcastic tone even in the face of adversity and poverty is what truly makes this book comical. Heartbreaking situations fill this novel but instead of tears of sadness I had tears of laughter. Her tone really set the stage and gives the reader  not just a glimpse of who the author is but a  brilliant full color HD picture. Somehow she always manages to come out on top and hold true to principles in life that are important to her.

A read no one should pass up!

Where to find Carol

Where to buy Evidence of Insanity
Evidence of Insanity Amazon U.S.
Barnes and Noble

Monday, August 18, 2014

Chris Birdy Blog Tour-The Girl in White Pajamas

Chris Birdy's The Girl in White Pajamas Blog Tour brought to you by Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions.

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 Bogie McGruder, a private investigator and Florida real estate investor, learns that his cop brother is gunned down on the streets of Boston. When Bogie and his teenage daughter return to Boston for the funeral. he finds his family reeling out of control, fueled by alcohol and mired in scandals.

While home for his brother's services, Bogie is contacted by his old flame, a young Boston attorney named Bailey Hampfield, who is seeking protection from a dangerous and unknown stalker. Bailey also has yet to tell Bogie that he is the father of her three year old daughter.

What begins as a short condolence trip to Boston for Bogie, soon turns into a deepening investigation into a twisted tale of murder, deceit and family lies.

Witty and dark, The Girl In White Pajamas is an entertaining read, filled with gritty characters and broken morals.

Book Excerpt 

She looked up, took in a quick breath and gasped before she said, “God dammit, Bud!  What do you want from me!?”  She yelled over the wind not expecting an answer to her question.  Bailey shouted, “Stop stalking me!”
“I want you to give me a chance.  Don’t want you to do anything...”  Bud stopped speaking.  His heart raced, and his eyes opened wide as he heard a familiar metallic click behind him.  As the trigger was engaged, he dived toward her, knocking Bailey to the ground.  The bullet entered the back of his head and exited the
front, taking brain and bone fragments with it.  Bailey lay motionless where she had fallen with Bud’s body slumped on top of hers.

“That’s the beauty of the ‘Bogie Man’.  He decides when your time is up, and you’re gone, history.”

Author Bio 

For almost twenty-five years, I did investigative work for small law firms conducting business in rough housing projects and crack house neighborhoods. I met with clients in every jail in the area even the now defunct Charles Street Jail and Deer Island House of Corrections. On good days, I got to take the .25 caliber handgun out of my pocket and the 9mm out of my purse and go to court. Then the real show began!
Several years ago, while sitting in a courtroom with a client, I
watched as a police officer was lambasted by an attorney. The attorney was defending a young woman who crashed her car into two other vehicles before she passed out drunk behind the wheel. The occupants of the other cars were seriously hurt and the cop, a former EMT, tried to assist the injured while waiting for ambulances to arrive. The attorney questioned the cop's every move, shredded his testimony and made him seem inept.
Embarrassed, the cop returned to his seat beside me and muttered, "Everybody lies. The judges lie, the lawyers lie, the witnesses lie.." I wanted to tell him not to worry that in about five years he'd be just as good a liar as they were.

The seeds for The Girl in White Pajamas were planted in that courtroom.

Author Interview 

What would you like to tell people:

What would I like to tell people.  I lived in the areas I write about and have witnessed and/or survived most of the things I write about. 

Latest news.. 

 The second book in the series, The Girl in Black Pajamas is coming out in the fall. 

When were you first bitten by writing bug?  

I’ve always written in one form or another.  Easily bored, I drew pictures or wrote letters to imaginary friends when I was a student.

When did you consider yourself a writer?

 I believe I’ve always considered myself a writer.  That is my way of expressing myself and helped me make a living.  Although my primary job was investigations, I also assisted attorneys in writing settlement briefs from the raw data.  That was fiction writing at its finest.

What inspired you to write your first book?  

A few years ago, while sitting in a courtroom with a client, I watched as a police officer was lambasted by an attorney.  The attorney was defending a woman who crashed her car into two other vehicles before she passed out drunk at the wheel.  The other drivers were seriously hurt and the cop, a former EMT, tried to assist the injured while waiting for ambulances to arrive.  The attorney questioned the cop’s every move, shredded his testimony and made him seem inept.
Embarrassed, the cop returned to his seat beside me and muttered, “Everybody lies.  The judges lie, the lawyers lie, the witnesses lie...”  I wanted to tell him not to worry that in about five years he’d be just as good a liar as they were.
That day I realized that many of those who are entrusted with upholding and enforcing the law have the least regard for it.  The seeds for the “The Girl in White Pajamas” were planted in that courtroom.
Specific writing style:  I write like I speak, profanity, vulgarity and all.  That’s me.

The title grew from the story.  It started as a love story wrapped up in a murder mystery, but the child’s role became pivotal and she became the object of the story.

What do you want readers to get out of your novels?  

I want them to be entertained.  When I read a book, I want to be entertained and feel that I’ve had a positive experience.  I have no secret message or platform other than the belief that people are what they are – take them or leave them but don’t try to change them.

Is the book mostly fantasy? 

 NO!  Sadly most of the things I write about have happened.

Music:  Bogie’s old school and macho.  He like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble.  Bailey’s father was a country/western singer to she likes country music, being a Francophile she also listens to French music.

The experiences in my writing are definitely fact based.

What books influenced your life the most?  

Gone with the Wind, Angela’s Ashes and, strangely, Forever Amber, which I read when I was ten years old.

Authors with the most influence:  John Sandford, Joseph Wambaugh, Susan Isaacs

What book are you reading now?  

Just started Concealed in Death, the J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) futuristic detective stories.  I think I’ve read all of them.

Have any authors interested you by their writing style…
Frank McCort.  He told a tragic story in Angela’s Ashes with hope and humor.  He even threw in some verses and songs.

What are your current projects?  

Working on the edits on the second book while going through the first draft of the third novel. 

Do you see writing as a career?  

I do now.  I believe that all my previous jobs were done to get life experiences.  At times, when I was in a dangerous situation, I’d think to myself, “This is going to make one hell of a story!”

Change anything in your latest book.  No, I don’t think so.

Current work:  In the second book one of Bogie’s employees in his Boston security firm is shot in the back and a hacker is trying to break through his computer network.  Meanwhile, in Florida, deputy sheriffs are making porn movies and selling them on the internet.

Three favorite authors:  John Sandford, Michael Connelly and Joseph Wambaugh.

The covers:  The cover for the first book was designed by Erica Baert – she’s a graphic artist.  I told her what I wanted and provided her with snapshots of my granddaughter at three years old.  Yes, my granddaughter was the model for Isabella.
I don’t find writing a book hard.  I have a vague outline in my head when I begin and then start writing.  I’m amazed how a story turns out when it’s finally over.  Because I’m a newbie in the publishing world, I don’t have the pressure of contracts and deadlines.  The book is ready when I’m comfortable with it.

What did I learn from writing the book?  

I learned more after I wrote the book and that is that there’s no silver bullet or fast track to the top.  There’s a lot of steady, hard work and marketing to get noticed.  And that’s a job in itself.

Advice to other writers? 

 Unless you love what you do and feel compelled and driven, stop!  Writing is not a group activity.  It’s a solitary business that allows you sit and wonder why the hell you chose this path.

Which comes first – For me it’s the characters and then how they react to different situations?

Published writer:  Advice:  Unless you’re a celebrity, don’t sit around and wait for an agent or publisher to notice you.  If you think your work is good, self-publish.  You’ll learn the business by the seat of your pants the others before you have.

Where to find Chris Birdy

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ben The Dragonborn by Dianne Astle

Giveaway for Ben The Dragonborn by Dianne Astle brought to you by the author and Double Decker Books.

 Book Blurb:

 Ben’s father has disappeared.  He never knew his mother. There is no one to help understand the nightmares from his past. The principal is about to expel him when Ben is chosen by the Guardian of the Six Worlds to stop a war between humans and merfolk.  Ben’s only chance of success depend on discovering the secret of his own true self in a terrifying water world where nightmares come to life.
 Giveaway: 2 print books and 5 ebooks

Praise for Ben the Dragonborn

“Ben the Dragonborn is unique and original in every way. There are portals to unknown worlds; gifted children chosen for quests; an array of imaginative creatures; and a school that is magical and secretive.  Fans of 100 Cupboards, Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter will find something to love in this book.”

From a review by Will Wortner

"An engaging story with the elements of fantasy woven neatly into the coming-of-age/discovering your identity theme.”

 Where to find Dianne Astle

Buy Links
Barnes and Noble

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yesterday by Samyann: Review

I was immediately hooked on this book from the beginning. I loved the mystery and intrigue brought on by the reincarnation twist. As a reader I love books that are different because they catch my eye. I also love books that keep me hanging onto each word; books I can close out the world and live in my bubble for a while. This book had that effect on me.

Yesterday by Samyann is a beautiful love story sprinkled with mystery and intrigue. This book had me immediately. Amanda has lived a life full of loss of those she cares for; her parents, fiancé. She fights tooth and nail not to get involved and love any more people but Mark worms a way into her heart. She saves his life and from that moment the connection between them is evident. Neither can place where or how they know each other but somehow, somewhere they do. Enter the old clock in the picture. Amanda deals in antiques and becomes mesmerized by an antique clock. The connections between her, the clock, and mark catapult her into trying regression .These sessions slowly bring her to the answers.

The pacing and suspense of this novel was absolutely perfect; not too slow nor rushed. Just enough to keep me pondering what was going to happen next. The regression took Amanda back to civil war and post war days in the South and North. Samyann did a truly exceptional job writing down the accents and conveying a full picture of the novel as it unfolded. I was intrigued from page one. There wasn’t a dull moment in the read.


Buy links:

Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation at Amazon
Barnes and Noble


Happy! Looking for your support

Recently, I started a Thunderclap. So what is a Thunderclap? It's a social media blast if I gain enough supporters in a certain time frame. I have 5 days left and need 60 more supporters.

All it takes is a click on the link and then a click on support and you choose the social media platform. I would really love for you to be one of my next 60 supporters :-) so I can do another happy dance!

Thunderclap link

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Circus in Me by S.M.Bjarnson Giveaway!

The Circus in Me by S.M. Bjarnson brought to you by Double Decker Books.

Book Blurb: 
The Circus in Me confronts a girl’s outcast journey. Amish to the bone, born and bred to be as such, Tracey Aliza discovers a magical land outside of her traditional community. On a quest for solitude amongst the vagabonds. She comes as a drifter transforming into a better version of oneself called by the name Trae Lae. Outside the safety of confinement Trae Lae learns hands-on experiences being an adult in modern society. Struggles to let the past remain behind her she concentrates on performing as part of the team. Back and forth motions bring her to a whole new level of acceptance. College in due course calls to her. Off she flees to the next adventure on the map marked with an X. Welcome to BYU-Idaho! A Mormon college located on the southeastern region of the great potato state. Trae Lae traces a path in-between a religion she was forced to vacate and another indulging her capacity to a newfound faith that contradicts her soul further. The journey grimy and gray toward the new beginning of endearment. On a mounting podium to seize control of the wild beast conformity. She becomes an acquaintance of a young man by the name of Briggs who is also in torment of historical demons. Their lives intertwine into courses neither of them accused as possible. One girl’s bonnet for another man’s briefs. Do our conclusions meet requirements previously posted? Turn the pages to find out if Trae Lae and Briggs can find a way out of fate’s fortitude. With every whimsical there is a wish, with every star there is a shine, where there is a shunned Amish girl there is bonnet about to be burned.

Win a copy of The Circus in Me By S.M. Bjarnson

Monday, August 4, 2014

Who are the best fans in the world? You are!

This is a thank you post to all of you! My viewers, people who have taken the time to read and review my books. A thank you to those who have taken the time to check out any of my books whether you purchased one, left a review or not. A thank you to anyone who has passed on any of my books through word of mouth or otherwise. What I love most about publishing is the entertainment my books provide. I love when someone sends a message out of the blue through social media or otherwise and says, "I loved your book!" Big Smile :-D

July was a phenomenal month for me. Here is a list of all the awesome bloggers who took the time to read and review one of my books. Please click the links to read their full reviews. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I would feel bad so if you promoted my book this month and aren't below please contact me so I can add you in. Thanks a million to everyone!

As Snow Falls

"The opening threw me a little and for the first portion of the book, I was a tad confused, yet still completely engrossed. You are reading about one woman’s entire life, birth through death, and everything contained within her life. Some of the beginning scenes are written such that you’re almost reading from an infant’s point of view. As she grows and matures, the writing settles into that of a young woman full of sass and somewhat lost in the world. I loved how the writing changed to match the woman’s point in life."
Diane Bixler Author

"Deciding to purchase and read As Snow Falls by Elle Klass hinged on something intriguing that many authors have attempted to do: Pigeon-hole human behavior and/or the human experience. From the 1984 popular and somewhat controversial Passages by Gail Sheehy through current day, countless authors have taken on that challenge of defining the human experience. But often the approach is to lump our human experiences into big chunky categories, e.g., the teens, the 20s, 30s, 40s, etcetera. I think you get the picture."
Candi Silk Author

As Snow Falls Feature At John Tucker Must Live Blog

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Baby Girl Book 1

"This is such a powerful story. A young girl runs away from a mother who had never been an actual mother to her."
S.B. Morales at SBM Book Obsession

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Baby Girl Book 2

"She reinvents herself and gives herself a whole new background and even personality. I am just loving this series." 
S.B. Morales at SBM Book Obsession

"Yes, yes yes I love it, I am so captivated by the story and the main character."
Jane Peskara at My Novels, My World

Baby Girl Book 3

"Elle Klass keeps writing such captivating and suspense stories about Cleo and her search for the answers to her past."
Stacie from The Mercy Gray

"I am just loving this series. Cleo changes to fit into her surroundings while tracking down the truth of her past." 
S.B. Morales at SBM Book Obsession

"This episode is filled with additional mystery, intrigue and adventure as the story and plot deepen. Amid the challenges and sometimes shocking revelations, Cleo is gradually discovering who she is at the core even if her actual identity still eludes her."
Marcha Fox Author

 Interview with Marcha Fox at Marcha's two Cents Worth