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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark a debut novel you don't want to miss

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Bella's Choice. Lynelle Clark brought me into the book and I found myself loving and loathing the characters within.

Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark is a heartwarming compassionate
story that pulls at the reader's heartstrings. Annabella is a young woman born into a family with an alternative lifestyle that Bella realized at a young age wasn't her. She grew up embarrassed of her family and resorted to spending as much time away from home as possible. Her best friend's home became Bella's home away from home and she immersed herself into sports namely swimming. At 18 she met Aldrich, a much older man who had gone through his own heartbreak. He falls deeply in love with her; being mindful of their age difference. He is gentle, calm, and respectful. Bella in turn falls in love with him.

The conflict in the story arises as the reader is introduced more and more to Bella's family's strange lifestyle and the plans they have for her never once considering how their choices may affect her. Through her use of colorful words Clark drew me into Bella's life and I found myself rooting for her choices and seething in anger with her parents' selfish choices. I loathed her parents.

One of the best debut novels I have ever read!

About the Author:

Lynelle Clark lives in Gauteng, South Africa. Her writing career began in 2010. Lynelle has always loved to read books, in which she discovers new worlds. Meeting new people and travelling is one of her passions. So far, the writing journey has been exciting,
but it helps that she loves the whole process from beginning to end.


Two roads. One choice.

Anabella Anthony found she was alone in the world at eighteen. Early on, she made a choice; to live an ordinary life away from the lifestyle her parents preferred. However, they had plans for her; they wanted her to become a part of their choices.

All she wanted was a regular household, with normal day to day issues like her peers, parents she could respect, and who above anything else would accept her for the person she is. Torn between dreams that filled her mind with alluring effects and uncomfortable events which tried to sway her, she had to come to a resolution―find peace and stay true to her convictions.

Through it all, she excelled in her sport; a dedicated student who falls in love with a much older man. Will she give in to her body's desires, or will she remain steadfast in her own choices? Can she find the courage to stand amidst the turmoil wanting to drag her down? And most importantly, will she ever forgive those who meant to harm her?

Aldrich Hagin―a lawyer―is ready to settle down. After a tragic loss he experienced right after university he is now, more than ever, ready to move on and start a family. And then he meets a young, energetic, lively woman who turns his life and heart around. Will he be willing to sacrifice his own desires and wait?  Can he help her and be the anchor she so desperately needs? Confronted with his own decisions, the choice is his as to whether hell stay or leave. What will he decide?

A love story filled with decisions both have to make; to stand against all odds and remain true to oneself.  

Where to find Lynelle and Bella's Choice


  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review. You are the best. :) <3

  2. Aww... I'm blushing. Thank you! It was my pleasure :-)