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Monday, October 13, 2014

DWC Blog Tour

The Dark War Chronicles by A.L. Kessler is on tour brought to you by Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions. 

My Review:

Dance in the Moonlight by A.L. Kessler picks up where In the Light of the Moon left off only from differing characters. Instead of Kass and Jax the main stars are Renee a human who has special abilities beyond those of a normal human and Coran a werewolf. The first few pages are action, mystery packed instantly catching my attention. The intrigue doesn’t end there. Someone or something is stalking Renee, who is the holder of an item of high interest and value in the supernatural world. It is her danger and
desirability that catches Coran’s attention. The bond between them grows as the plot in this novella thickens.

Each character is rich and deep in personality and quirks bringing them to life. Kessler sets up plenty of suspense surrounding Renee’s special abilities and the artifact in her possession. I also admire her ability to set up this segment of the series through new characters and allowing the reader to experience the conflict through their eyes. The war between the supernaturals heats up as more of the “chess pieces” are placed on the board.

A series any lover of the supernatural won’t want to miss!


Kass ran her hand against one of the evergreen trees that dominated Lucius’ mountain side property. Snow still dusted the peaks above the tree line, forming a nice white cap. The sounds of wild life running about around the land graced her ears and called to her panther, but she was forbidden from shifting. Some type of metaphysical block had been placed so she could feel her panther but not call it to the surface herself, the beast even leaned against it, fought against it, but nothing worked. She cursed Lucius and took a deep breath. Cold mountain air cleared her lungs, easing her anger as the crisp smell of spring leaves and another panther filled her senses. Her heart skipped a beat. Impossible. With another breath she knew there was no mistaking the scent.
 Footsteps echoed behind her, she spun in time to see a blur fly towards her and knock her to the ground. Air rushed from her lungs, but she managed to recover and rolled. Pinning the stranger to the ground with a hand to his throat, she met his gaze, sky blue eyes set in a soft face. The almost-too-delicate-for-a-male jaw line was sun kissed, and that amazing tan continued to the chiseled line of his abs and the delicious view disappeared into a pair of faded blue jeans. Kass licked her lips as the idea of tracing her tongue up his chest crossed her mind.
“Hey princess, eyes are up here.” He grumbled, putting an arm between them and pushing her off. 
She didn’t fight him as she backed off and raised her eyes to meet his again. Now his shaggy light brown hair, a tad too dark to call blond, shadowed them, making the blue look darker. The panther in her urged Kass to nuzzle the stranger in front of her as they recognized the scent. “You’re a panther.”
“Just like you.” He nodded giving her a slow, sexy grin that showed just a hint of teeth with enough attitude to make a woman melt. “Do you pin every cat you meet to the ground?”
She snorted and looked away, toying with a strand of her hair. “Only the ones who pounce me first.”
He sat up and leaned in close to her. “I was just excited to see a female cat. Lucius said that there were none.”
Her cat tried to rush to the surface and caused Kass to stiffen as it hit the block in her. “He apparently had no intentions of us meeting, because he never mentioned you either.”
“I’m Jaxon.” He leaned in and nuzzled her neck in a classic greeting. She sighed against him, taking in his scent and missing the type of contact he offered.
She returned the greeting, rubbing against him, “Kassity.” The longer she touched him the more her beast hesitated against the block in her, calming and edging back to wherever it hid inside her.
“My beast rises to your touch.” He whispered with his lips against her cheek.
Heat tinted her face red. “And yours calms mine.” Panic crept up on her as she struggled to breathe, his scent overwhelming her. She scooted away from him, the wet grass soaking through her pants. He crawled towards her the muscles in his arms moving like liquid grace. He peered up at her through his shaggy hair. 
She expected to see hurt in his eyes, but they were narrow and calculating how to get what he wanted. Her. She froze when she felt her beast collide with the block inside her, knowing that it was Jax’s beast that called to her. Clenching her fists, she fought against the instinct to call to him and his cry of need. As she closed her eyes, she tried to find her fading connection with the cat inside her, tried to control and channel it. The want to run in fear of the male overcame the beast and tried to force its way out.  
Kass’ jaw tightened as he moved closer. He straddled her legs and kissed her. Parting her lips with his tongue caused her cat to hesitate. Her body tightened in all the right places as she melted into the kiss and allowed him access to her mouth. She pulled her legs under her to get closer to him. He moved so he knelt in front of her and cradled her face with his big hands. Her beast settled against the block, content with the connection.
The tingling of happiness broke when their lips were ripped apart. Kass opened her eyes just in time to see Lucius throw Jaxon a few yards away. Kass swallowed and backed away from the vampire while Jaxon let out an inhuman snarl, but remained where he was.
Lucius glared at him. “Stand down cat, she isn’t yours.”
“That’s not your choice.” Jaxon stood. “If our beasts-“
“Your beasts will not be meeting again.” Lucius spun to Kass.
“Room. Now.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but when she met the narrow pure black eyes of Lucius she thought better. She stole one last look at the male panther before running back to the mansion.

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