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Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Halloween Horror Giveaway!

In honor of Eye of The Storm's release I have decided to offer a giveaway.

I love giveaways and decided it would be a lot of fun to run a giveaway while the ebook for Eye of The storm is still priced at .99. Here is the giveaway...

Eye of The Storm releases on October 24th! The ebook is available for .99 for a limited time. Buy a copy now and post your order number to the event to be entered into a giveaway for a $10 Amazon giftcard. Winner chosen randomly and contacted Nov. 1st. 

Author is responsible for this giveaway.

Here is the link on goodreads.

The cast of Eye of The Storm is filled with some captivating characters. Today I'm gonna focus on the boyfriends. I found some pics (not mine, borrowed from google images)of guys similar in my mind to the characters in my book but of course not a perfect match.

For starters there's Jerry, Sunshine's fiance.

Average in height with light ginger hair, mixed with sun kissed blond, not a strand out of place, and dimples riding each side of his mouth; Jerry was an attractive man. They went to lunch daily, he brought her fresh cut flowers once a week, which she placed meticulously around her desk.

Yeah, he's a bit of a suck up but still he's not quite "normal".

“I punch numbers and guide my client’s finances.” His sarcasm pushed a dagger through me.

I examined the place with my wifey eyes. The house was cold and impersonal, devoid of anything that might say, “I’m Jerry and this is my humble home”. His walls were near bare with the exception of his forty inch plasma hanging from the living room wall. It is commonly known that your home is a reflection of who you are. At this juncture, I asked myself who is Jerry? A one dimensional man. Is this the man I am getting ready to marry? 

There is Jay, Eilida's uhh... hunky nerd, not quite boyfriend.

“E, wait up,” called a voice. Me? I was the only person out here. I turned my head to see a young man jogging towards me. His chocolate hair flapped behind him in jumbled waves. He must be mistaken. I continued on. His footsteps quickening at my heels, I wasn’t sure whether to run or wait for him. Maybe he knew her? Alongside me now, “E what’s up with the hair?” He was tall and thin but not gangly. With his left hand, he brushed a large flap of waves out of his eyes. He was more than vaguely familiar and I knew him.

Jay stepped into the room wearing nothing but a towel that hung below his waist and threatened to fall off baring the beauty underneath. His abs were chiseled which I hadn’t noticed the other night. I bounded towards him and jumped, curling my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Still the towel lingered. He returned my affection with a kiss and put me down grabbing my arm as he pulled me towards the bedroom. Unable to control myself I pulled the towel off and it dropped to the floor.

With a beguiling look of surprise, he hoisted me over his shoulder like a gunny sack and said, “That’s it! Look what you’ve done,” and closed the door behind us.

In the story Sunshine discovers she and Eilida look almost identical except for their hair so I found some pics that are an excellent likeness to my vision of the two girls. Imagine them with their counterparts.

Many thanks to all of you, where ever you live. I hope you will check out Eye of The Storm and share with others. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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