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Friday, October 31, 2014

Tricks, Treats, and temptations Blog Hop

I have been invited to another blog tour via Candi Silk, Michael Smart, Robyn Roze, and Jerry Byrum. So check out their spooky posts if you dare...
Picture via Autism Live

1. Eilida in Eye of The Storm observes a scene that scares the wits out of her, " As she reached the final step, she melted along the wall until her head became flush against the door frame. Taking a deep and silent breath; her guts inside wrenching and twisting, she peered inside the cracked door, gasping at the scene before her eyes. Eilida tore down the steps at warp speed, descending the tree stuffed mountain, while tears cascaded violently down her cheeks. "

2. In Eye of The Storm after undergoing major personality changes and stranges unexplainable happenings Sunshine takes visits a hypnotist and a Dr. Of parapsychology and metaphysics 
"I hadn’t expected that. In contrast, they looked like a werewolf with his vampire bride. Did vampires and werewolves even like each other? A question I didn’t really want to know, especially at my expense."

3. Sunshine finally meets her ghost, "Quiet words escaped from the small creases of her lips, “Remember.” Her face I knew from long ago, from a time of innocence before night terrors controlled my dreams." Eye of The Storm

4. How would you feel if a stalker was watching your every move? Would you feel his fearful eyes watching, waiting? From Eye of The Storm, "The man had been following them, although he was only interested in Sunshine, had been watching her every move, studying her."

5. Cleo in Baby Girl Book 1 may be young but she's full of self-preservation and spunk, "I had found a couple of pillows and a huge puffy blanket that I used to make myself a bed. It had been difficult sneaking them back and I didn’t go unnoticed. A bum had spotted me from his box, and he grabbed hold of a corner of the blanket said, “Where you going with that little girl? I think I’d like to keep it.” I kicked his face as hard as I could and made contact with his nose which jetted out from his sunken cheeks, and ran."

6. A little older Cleo or rather Justine, is still not one to put up with crap such as blackmail. She schemes a plan after breaking and entering her nemesis apartment in Baby Girl Book 2. "on a spontaneous notion I grabbed her blond wig and a ghostly crepe dress, stuffed them into my bag and used her lipstick to scribble over her letters, “It’s you who doesn’t belong.” A feeling of satisfaction welled up inside me as I marched out of her apartment wearing her blond wig. I hadn’t decided yet what to do with the wig and dress; however, the refreshing walk home, and the familiar sight of street vagabonds allowed an idea to form inside my head, and a smile crept across my lips."

7. Cleo most recently Shanna heads out to bust a case with La Tige in Baby Girl Book 3 but gets more than she bargained for, "A dim light shone from under a doorway. I grew closer and closer to the light as I eased towards it. From behind, a strong male hand wrapped around my mouth and forced me into him. Not a smart thing to do. I was always getting caught from behind so my fight or flight sense kicked in and I elbowed his ribcage hard."

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