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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Max E. Stone The Bleeding Audiobook

I'm new to the audio world and quickly becoming addicted! Audio adds a dimension to books that can't be found by simply reading them

My Review:

Wow! Loved it! I first read this book as an ebook and loved it. Now on audio I had to read it again. The suspense in this version hangs on each word from the narrator. His inflection is perfect and he varies his voice for each character and accent adding to the depth. If it’s possible to be better, it is. The narration only adds to the story.

The Bleeding is a thriller that entails abuse to the young Derek Warren who in turn becomes his own kind of monster. Clues are revealed slowly through the dialogue and actions of each character. The plot is tricky. It’s the kind of masterful mystery in which the reader needs to heed everything. There are hints dropped everywhere throughout the story. Definitely an edge of the seat read.

For all nail-biter lovers everywhere!


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