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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Atlantis After Midnight by Lisa Kulow Book Review

Atlantis After Midnight is Lisa Kulow's debut novella and a fantastic story. I haven't read any Atlantis novels in the past so have nothing to compare to but loved her version.

My Review:
Reading Atlantis After Midnight was a treat. We have a spoiled Prince Kyrain who hasn’t a clue about the real world and an orphaned woman. The two fall in love at near first sight. When sickness and natural forces devour Atlantis the two must make it to safety.
The story has an easy flow and follows a logical sequence. There’s enough description to put my mind into the author’s world or version of what Atlantis looked like yet she doesn’t bore me with the details. The characters are three dimensional and developed. Some were downright despicable while others were lovable.
I enjoy almost any good fantasy tale and this one kept me reading until the end.

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