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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Carriage by Jena Baxter Audiobook Review

The first book I've listened to or heard from this author and it was good. Really good!

My Review:
I listened to The Carriage back to back to another time travel book but each author had a very different story to tell. This story is about a teen girl who gets into a carriage with her sister for a short ride in modern day New York. She ends up in the Victorian Era Paris. Talk about culture shock. The girl who I think was a brat has a rude eye-opening experience. She faces a lot of adversity while there and hoping to get home and meets a young man and a mutual attraction blossoms. I won't say more but I feel she was humbled a bit by her experience and glad it happened to her. 

Melissa Chatwood does a great job narrating both the male and female parts.

Interesting story and enjoyable listen.

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  1. Thank you Elle. I was so tickled to find this in my inbox this morning. Made my day.

    1. Your welcome! I loved it and am happy it made your day.