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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Psychological Thriller in Audio

The Calm Before the Storm Evan's Sins is more than a psychological thriller. 

The research and astrology in the book is sound. The chapters and most of the book were written before any of the charts came into the picture. Evan's character was fully developed before I had a copy of his natal chart. The accuracy of the charts compared to the dates is mind blowing.

Read more about the astrology
Who is Whobeda?
The Calm Before the Storm - Nail-biting Murder Mystery Suspense

The Calm Before the Storm Evan's Sins is now available in audio narrated by Robert P. Jellison. He is phenomenal and adds the extra touch expected in an audio book. 

Listen to a sample here
Read along while you listen.

Chapter 8
Southern Hospitality

Evan stood on the beach facing the Tates’ house. Heavy winds rushed against his bulky frame. He turned to face the ocean, taking in Chloe’s magnificence. Her powerful gusts dared to lay him flat. Water sprayed across his body.
He felt a hand against his back. “What are you doin’ out here? This storm is comin’ in strong.”
Evan looked at the dark-haired man the blond cop called Jim. “These winds beatin’ against the house and all. Thought I’d take you up on yer offer, gettin’ scary.”
Jim wasn’t sure what to think. He couldn’t imagine anyone dumb enough to wander the beach during a hurricane. “Why don’t you come inside?” he shouted through the blustering winds.
“Thank ya, sir,” said Evan as he followed Jim.
Once inside, a squall blew through, assaulting the house with rain. Jim bolted the door behind them. Evan followed Jim from the entryway into a large room. A few shelves with shells and other knickknacks hung beside an entertainment center to his right. Several family photos clung to the other walls. A hallway was straight across from him and an archway leading to another room stood to his right.
“You never been through one a these have ya?”
“No, sir.”
“Like I said, we got plenty a room.”
Ely and Evie ran to their daddy. “Who’s he?” asked Evie.
Jim picked up his son. “His name is Nyle.”
“Hi Nyle,” said Evie, unsure of the man. “I wanna play with Ely.”
“Fine boys you got,” Evan said as Evie ran to his brother’s side. Can’t wait till you’re all asleep.
“Take a seat. You thirsty? My wife makes the best homemade lemonade.”
“That’d be great.”
“Boys why don’t you ask mommy to bring us five glasses of lemonade?” Evie narrowed his eyes at the stranger then skipped to the kitchen with his brother.
“Mom, Dad found someone outside…”
“I don’t like him,” piped Evie.
Lilly laughed inwardly at her youngest son. He always spoke his mind. “Evie, that’s rude. Our house is sturdy as it gets. He probably didn’t realize how bad storms get around here.” She wasn’t sure she believed her own words. Who would comb the beach during a hurricane?
The boys carried the drinks to the living room. Ely handed one to the stranger. Eilida sobbed from her crib. Hearing her whimper, Lilly went to her daughter and lifted her up, her stuffed monkey dangling from Eilida’s tiny hand. Eilida buried her head into her mom’s comforting shoulder. It would be a long night, Eilida hated storms and seldom slept through them. With Eilida on her hip, Lilly joined her family in the living room. The weatherman droned on about the storm. Rain bands now approaching Billows Hollow - expected to head further south… Chloe updated to Category 3.
“Mighty bad storm out there, glad it’s a headin’ south,” said Evan. Eilida lifted her head off her mother’s shoulder, hearing the stranger’s voice. She looked at him and screamed loud enough to break a mirror. In his eyes she saw deep pits of blackness, an empty void and a black ring encircling him. Waves of terror needled up the little girl’s spine.
What a pleasant surprise, a daughter too. This family is perfect. Evan admired the little girl’s brown ringlets and pudgy round face and fingers. Visions of his sister swam into view. Emily, the one that got away… Stop, stop! Eilida carries around a stupid looking monkey just as Emily always drug around her smelly blanket.  Get in control! He pushed down the beast inside, but not for long.
Unable to ignore her daughter’s scream of horror. Lilly apologized, “I’m sorry, she just woke from her nap. She hates storms.”
“I got her babe.” Jim took his daughter in his arms. She buried her head and monkey, Sandy, into his chest unwilling to peek at the stranger. A heavy wind gust pelted the house. The lights flickered then went out. The boards across the windows let in no light. Inside the house was black as a midnight cat. In the darkness, Eilida’s fear increased and she clung to her father, grasping his arms as tight as possible.
Using the darkness to his advantage, Evan slipped crushed sleeping pills into Jim and Lilly’s lemonade sitting beside his on the oak coffee table. He mushed the baggie into his pocket only seconds before Lilly grabbed a flashlight from the drawer beneath an end table. She flicked the on button and a stream of light illuminated the room. Ely ran to it and made hand gestures. “Look Eilida, a duck.”
Eilida lifted her head, holding Sandy up to her face, and peered at her brother. He continued making shadow figures. Her brother’s silliness tugged at the corners of her lips, turning into a smile.
Lilly went through the house, lighting the candles she set up earlier. Losing electricity, even from a normal summer thunder storm, was common. She expected to lose electricity and knew it wouldn’t be back on for days. Jim invested in a generator but wouldn’t use it until after the storm. Lilly walked into the living room as Eilida climbed off her dad’s lap and joined Evie on the floor, watching their brother’s shadow display.
“I want a turn Ely. Let me try.” Ely showed Evie how to make hand shadows and Eilida chuckled. For the moment she forgot the stranger.
“Dinner’s ready and we better eat it now while it’s hot,” voiced Lilly, grabbing her lemonade and taking a sip.
Ely took Eilida’s hand, and they ran into the kitchen, Evie and Lilly right behind them.
Jim picked up his lemonade and turned to Evan. “Join us. My wife is a right fine cook and always makes more than enough.”
Evan stumbled over his words, attempting to make himself less threatening. “I do… don’t wanna upset your daughter again.”
“Nonsense. Eilida doesn’t like storms and is always wary of new people. She’ll be fine.”
“Thank you. Do you have a washroom? I’d like to clean up before I eat.”
Jim directed Evan to the restroom and walked into the kitchen to join his family for dinner. Evan pretended to use the restroom then walked back to the living room and slipped crushed sleeping pills into Ely and Evie’s lemonade.
Ely walked into the living room as Evan dusted the powdery residue off his hands.
“You comin’, sir? Mommy made lots to eat,” said Ely as he looked up at the stranger and picked up his and Evie’s glasses.
“Sure am. Your dad says your mom is a right fine cook.” Evan saw glimpses of himself flicker in the boy as he responded. He followed the boy into the kitchen and took the empty seat. His eyes looked through the Tates’ envisioning his drunk father slamming another beer, his mother twisting her dishwater blond ringlets while his corny little sister hung onto her germ infested blanket. And his brother - the son they liked… He shook the images from his head. Not time, not time.
The family, plus Evan, ate dinner by candlelight. The flames caused shadows to bounce on the walls. Eilida snuggled Sandy close and tried not to glance at the stranger but she couldn’t ignore the creeping, disfigured shadow on the wall behind him. Its arms, tendrils of black, unfurled to reveal a shiny object dripping in red. Eilida watched in horror as the shadow moved towards her mother seated beside her. She twisted in her high chair, eyes wide as flying saucers. She wanted to scream, tried to scream, but her vocal chords buckled and no sound escaped her lips.

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